Wednesday, 13 May 2015



Age never bothered her
She never showed her age
She was a new age women
Never to mind her age.

Proudly she went to a plaza
Fond of shopping home away
But came out just eating pizza
It had made her day.

Body searched her purse
Could not find her key
Also did not find her car
Nothing to giggle and glee.

Wrinkles showed on her face
As she approached a PCR*
Was  directed to the police station
To file an FIR**

She returned home with satisfaction
Informed her hubby with some reservation
Shocked, he stood with a mug of beer
“ But honey, didn’t I... drop you there ?”

“ Did you drop me ? Oh God !
Oh Yes ! I forgot ;” stunned as she was
“Then where is our car?”,  exclaimed she
 beckoning him to the window for the testimony.

 Rushing out, found the gate open
 dazed , both now looked aged
car was nowhere to be seen
 thought they, finally it has been stolen.

Soon they were surprised
and had a hearty laugh
they saw their own son
driving in, to park.

Age do takes its toll
as one tends to forget
kudos to those
who laugh at the malady, without any regret.

All rights reserved/Tribhawan Kaul


  1. Syamala Vemuri
    May 14 at 4:55pm

    Many remember old things, incidents in a very detailed manner but forget yesterday's incidents! Short term memory goes blank sometimes. Yes, incidents such as mentioned can be laughed away.

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  2. Smitha Bharathan Lovely yet sad

    via fb/RS

  3. Meetu Nadir 12:01am May 15
    Wonderful sir!

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    Jatinder Singh Bhogal
    Jatinder Singh Bhogal 2:04pm May 14
    Very interesting

  4. VAS Yesterday, 17:47
    My dearest TK.
    Wonderful,actual&painful poem on people with Dementia.
    via verdurez

  5. akm15 Yesterday, 17:41
    Good poem

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  6. Pramila Khadun
    If youth had its laughter, old age too has its share though the hues are different, great write.

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  7. Kalpana Shah
    Well penned

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  8. Dolly Singh nice light read
    May 14 at 10:32pm •
    Meetu Kapur Its good....Yesterday at 1:57pm •
    Shailesh Gupta very nice and realistic write...too good...

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  9. Babu May 15
    A very nice poem. Age matters although it does not matter...

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  10. muthurajan Yesterday, 12:34
    Nice one with suspense persisting till last laugh!

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  11. danda008 3 hours ago
    Very touching piece from the pen of dear TK. Another colourful feather to his cap.

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  12. Shridhar Rao
    May 19 at 7:31pm

    Beautifully written. Those who laugh their troubles away, enjoy life to the fullest..

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