Wednesday, 20 May 2015

A lonely lover

A Lonely Lover
Aloof  I am and far from you
Coasting along, lonely in a boat
Waves of thoughts surge me ahead
With remembrance as an oar, I row.

Goal being that shining star,
Destiny, I know not
Sucked into the worldly whirlpools,
are my wandering thoughts

Impenetrable darkness shrieks
A lass sings a sad song of separation
Moon disappears on lunar day
Sky weeps in appreciation.

Fire ranges in the forest
air chokes suddenly
waves stop, just to rest
flowers withering, untimely.

Obstructive becomes egoistic attitude
In our union and fortitude
decades are spent In lament
lost is the relevance of gratitude.

Lost if I am, search for that elusive pearl
on the pretext of finding a shell
reach, embrace and kiss me
even if it takes eternity.

All rights reserved/Tribhawan Kaul/ Published in Purple Hues and released on 26 April 2015


  1. Pramila Khadun Great poem.

    via fb/RS on 20-05-2015

  2. Meetu Nadir Beautiful poem sir!

    via fb/RS on 21-05-2015

  3. Jen Walls Wonderful! Thanks for sharing. <3

    via fb

  4. Vasudha Kanupriya Nice

    via fb/Purple Pen

  5. Neelamani Sutar Magnificent!

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  6. Babu Yesterday, 21:07
    Very well written Poem. Could have been a liitle longer.
    VAS 13 hours ago
    My dearest TK,
    Good poem on lonely lover.
    Yes lonely lover long for lover.Their goal is to get that shining star!!!.They love,praise sky high,long to see/speak/touch...all till the marriage!!!..

    Hari1941 5 hours ago
    I wrote somewhere else. Love is a feeling which disappears as soon as it appears and all it leaves behind is pain and sadness.

    via verdurez