Saturday, 20 August 2016

Three marvellous females ! But.....

All of a sudden people have started talking of female foeticide and 

gender baise once three marvellous girls of Bharat/Hindustan 

Deepa, Sakshi and Sindhu brought a smile on our  faces winning 

hearts of millions. Winning medals has absolutely nothing to do 

with gender. It is all about training, grit, determination and will 

power to excel. We should talk about sports persons who have 

brought laurels to their country. Any female, of whatever age and 

whether she is a sports person or not, has to be treated with dignity 

and honour. Two issues should not be mixed up. Jai Hind. Jai 


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  1. Himali Narang
    Very well said Sir.
    August 20 at 1:23pm
    Pushp Lata
    very true sir ji
    August 20 at 1:26pm
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  2. Biswadeep Ghosh Hazra
    How can girls win medals if they are killed in their mother's wombs?
    August 20 at 1:35pm
    Tribhawan Kaul
    Well respecting you thought, even if girls don't win medals , they will get killed if one is so determined either to save the honour or seeking a male child. So this is totally a separate issue. Why mix up the two. Had these two girls not ( I repeat not) won the medals, would the respect and honour they deserve as a female be less in any way. :)
    August 20 at 1:42pm
    Biswadeep Ghosh Hazra
    At least those assholes (sorry for the cussing) can realize the wonders a girl could do :)
    August 20 at 1:43pm
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  3. Arti Rai
    True.. N we also not forget that the this all a joint effort. By the player n the coaches. Family n the society. .... Need to encourage sportsmanship in India tremendously.. From the the toddler's classes. . U expressed what I could not
    August 20 at 2:30pm
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  4. Hari Lakhera
    Rio performance of Deep, Sakshi, and Sindhu has nothing to do with gender bias. It is their individual efforts and hard work duly supported by parents and coaches. We tend to link every success of our girls with the bias against them in our society. True they will motivate girls and their parents but will not end the bias. This bias is not just in India. It is everywhere. We had Jhansi ki Rani and we will have more of her and that is all.
    August 20 at 4:03pm
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  5. Raj Paul
    This is just beginning.she proved nicely.There is still more needs to encourage and motivate the girls in every field .I appreciate our girls who are leading leaving behind the boy b'coz they are more sincere and dedicated to shine the name of their parents as well as the nation.
    August 20 at 5:56pm
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  6. Sankari P Sarkar
    Nothing has changed,Tribhawsn.
    August 20 at 7:08pm
    Tribhawan Kaul
    Yes, I agree. Nothing has changed so far as gender bias is concerned though surviving females are beginning to show their mettle. But getting laurels does not mean that only those females to be treated in a dignified manner and shown respect. Every female deserves the respect. :)
    August 20 at 10:42pm
    Raj Paul
    Thanks for the profound comment.
    August 20 at 10:54pm
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  7. DrArchana Bhattacharjee
    True.People are messing up sports with gender and not giving credit where it is due.
    August 20 at 10:12pm
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  8. Abhinav Kaul
    You are absolutely correct. Just gives a chance to psydo activists to bash the other gender and society.
    August 21 at 2:19am
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  9. Tulsi Bhandari
    It is like that in India...
    August 21 at 12:37pm
    Suneet Kumar
    You are very right sir...!! Only because they bought honour to the country, people have started talking.... Actually this issue should be taken care without any reason to do so...
    August 21 at 3:11pm
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  10. Anita Sharma
    August 22 at 11:43pm
    Truly said
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