Monday, 15 August 2016

My poem on YOUTUBE

Friends you have read the poem, now listen to it. Thanks. Happy Independence Day 2016

note:- If the link is not working, please copy paste the link on your address bar. Thanks.


  1. Suresh Pal Verma Jasala
    August 15 at 6:37pm
    जयहिन्द,,, जय भारत,,,,, स्वतंत्रता दिवस की हार्दिक शुभ कामनायें एवं बधाई
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  2. V A Sambandam
    August 15 at 8:27pm
    U r a Gr8 poet as well a good singer too.
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  3. Naresh Malik
    August 16 at 11:27pm
    Tribhuwan Kaul ji thanks a lot for your wishes and the poetry recited by you to pay your tributes to martyrs is very nice
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  4. Main Hoon Ali
    Kafan mein lipta shaheed kohinoor hai......excellent poem , beautiful voice , touching Title Shaheed.
    August 15 at 2:42pm
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  5. Vijay Mishra
    बहुत ही उम्दा !
    August 15 at 2:19pm
    Seharyar Khan
    August 15 at 2:26pm
    Sarindha Sethi
    Wishing you happy indipendence dsy .
    August 15 at 2:51pm
    Surender Gagroo
    Very nice !
    August 15 at 3:11pm
    Anjana Mishra
    v nice ___jai hind
    August 15 at 3:11pm
    Raghukul Bhushan
    Bahut khoob!
    August 15 at 3:26pm
    Hari Lakhera
    Kya khoob.
    August 15 at 3:59pm
    डॉ किरण मिश्रा
    बधाई हो
    • August 15 at 5:34pm
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  6. SoulNectar Swansh
    A heart wrenching and hair raising rendition Dear Tribhawan Kaul Jee and thank you for the connect with my birthday too.... yet i must appreciate the fact that you have touched al the relevant facts that are prevailing as now as a factor for for so many mindless deaths occurring everywhere........ Terrorism is a thorn an open would which instead of being treated there are some rotten minds who keep on scratching it to keep it alive.........
    August 16 at 8:50pm
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  7. Lopa Banerjee
    Fantastic poem sir, thanks so much for sharing!
    August 16 at 9:45pm
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  8. Meetu Nadir
    Thankyou Koul Sir for this wonderful offering.......loved every word of it......
    August 16 at 10:00pm
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