Tuesday, 2 August 2016

An Overview :-“Wings of Rhapsody- A Dalliance of Poems”

An Overview :-“Wings of Rhapsody- A Dalliance of Poems”
“My poems are expressions of wonder, an appreciation of nature in her myriad colours , and forms and motivational introspections and human and nature events occurring around us silently which we typically tend to miss in our self absorbed fast lives.” Seema K Jayaraman .

While going through the poems composed in “Wings of Rhapsody- A Dalliance of Poems” by Seema K Jayaraman, I could not but appreciate the apt summarisation of subjects dealt with, in her above quote. The thoughts weaved in verses are only an extension of her ideas, notions, beliefs, concepts, opinions, impressions and  images which seems to have been amassed slowly and gradually within her sharp intellect only to flourish through this poetic treatise bordering elegance and charm like an established poetess. In section ‘Pangs of Birthing a Poem’ the poetess dwells on this aspect in detail.

To spell out the self-locked inside
A stray spark flies, to light
Looking to kindle a flare inside
Stir a bonfire within vaults
Of long emptied imagination.  (Embers of creativity)

The poems are basically an outpouring of a person who is very sensitive to the happening around her, wishes to introspect, sees the nature as its best and tries to analyse love & passion. Her poems find solace in photogenic beauty of the nature. Poems like ‘All Trussed Up’ ‘Rape of an innocence’ shows her immense pain. ‘My Baby’ brings alive a newborn’s innocent but mind blowing image.  Her poems talk of penguin, bulbuls, parrots on one hand and then shifts gear to soak us in ‘Dawn’ ‘Monsoon’ and ‘ Powai Lake’ through her brilliant verses.
Her short poems plus haikus/senryus take the cake which spreads before us a buffet of emotions, an exhilarating imagery combined with intuitive understanding of human nature and nature’s grace.

Though the poetess seems to be casual in her approach sometimes yet her enthusiastic expression of feelings will bring her readers to feel her subtle thoughts with vivid poetic imagery through her beautiful, soothing, soulful poems and lovely haikus/Senryus.

Seema K Jayaraman herself admits that she is an ‘ Accidental Poet’ and let her be so as even if she is the one, readers will lap her every word from her imaginative acumen.

Deciphering outpourings, daylight reality
Laid out for the world, a modern art of words
Strung together for the sense, prose too miserly
I agreed to rearrange the words, a canvass of poems
Thus was born a poetess-albeit so accidentally.   (An Accidental Poet)

 With “Wings of Rhapsody- A Dalliance of Poems”
 I am sure, Seema K Jayaraman has already made inroads into the realms of literary world. My good wishes to her and to her eloquent poetry.

Tribhawan Kaul
Freelance writer-poet/India

Book Title :-Wings of Rhapsody- A Dalliance of Poems
Publisher :- Become Shakespeare.com
Price :- Rs.350/= $14.99


  1. TY Tribhawan Kaul ji, sincerely appreciate your sparing so much of ur valuable time reviewing my debut book Wings Of Rhapsody and for your insightful comments..I m glad you liked and enjoyed my verses to review them on your blog and Facebook.. looking forward to more interactions and collaborations in the future

    1. Entirely my pleasure. I have come to understand that the cover of this book has been changed. It seems to be more attractive now. Do send me an image of the same through my inbox on fb.