Tuesday, 23 May 2017

CRUISE CONTROL ( Translated into French )

Dear friends
This is the tenth poem of mine  which has been translated into French by none other than Honourable Athanase Vantchev de Thracy, World President of Poetas del Mundo , undoubtedly one of the greatest poets of contemporary French.

Like, a boat
inspite of warnings
wandering in sea
in choppy waters
rollercoaster ride
high and low waves
of expectations, aspirations,
omissions and commissions
trying to steer clear of
miseries and illusions
bogged down by
wavering & dithering decisions
sailing to set destination
yet drifting to unknown
anchoring to gauge
and wriggling out of
self created mess
by self control
and meditation
directing the ship
to desired destination.
All rights reserved/Tribhawan Kaul

Comme un bateau qui,
En dépit des mises en garde
Erre en mer
Sur des eaux agitées,
Nous offre
Des tours de montagnes russes
Où il faut franchir
Les hautes et basses eaux
Des attentes, des aspirations,
Des oublis et des avantages 
En essayant de nous éviter
Les misères et les illusions
Où nous nous embourbons
À cause de décisions hésitantes et mal à propos
Sur la destination que notre voile doit prendre,
Décisions qui nous font dériver vers l'inconnu.
Elle, la VIE, nous permet de nous ancrer
Où il faut
Pour nous dégager des ennuis
Où nous nous sommes mis,
Et, par la maîtrise de soi
Et la méditation,
Diriger notre navire
Vers le port souhaité.

 Translated into French by Athanase Vantchev de Thracy

Born on January 3, 1940, in Haskovo, Bulgaria, the extraordinary polyglot culture studied for seventeen years in some of the most popular universities in Europe, where he gained deep knowledge of world literature and poetry.
Athanase Vantchev de Thracy is the author of 32 collections of poetry (written in classic range and free), where he uses the whole spectrum of prosody: epic, chamber, sonnet, bukoliket, idyll, pastoral, ballads, elegies, rondon, satire, agement, epigramin, etc. epitaph. He has also published a number of monographs and doctoral thesis, The symbolism of light in the poetry of Paul Verlaine's. In Bulgarian, he wrote a study of epicurean Petroni writer, surnamed elegantiaru Petronius Arbiter, the favorite of Emperor Nero, author of the classic novel Satirikoni, and a study in Russian titled Poetics and metaphysics in the work of Dostoyevsky.

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