Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Wedding Anniversary

Wedding Anniversary
Sleep had been eluding him whole night. He could not fathom the reason but a little chill and cosy warmth of room proved a lullaby for him when he found himself being kissed. Dream ? Wow ! After such a long time.  He would have preferred to be in that stupor  expecting something more revealing when his eyes betrayed him making him see his better-half standing near his bed and looking like a full bloomed lotus having dew drops on its petals.” Happy  anniversary “. She fluted.
What ! He got up from the bed as if thousand scorpions had stung him. “Shit! How could I forget this day which changed my whole life.” A husband is not supposed to forget either the birthday or the wedding anniversary of his wife. This is supposed to be a cardinal sin in addition to other sins as scripted in the religious scriptures. These are the two events in one’s life which shape the future one year’s destiny of a married person. The day she takes birth, husband is tagged even if she is not visible on one’s timeline and by the time one allows it on your timeline, one has already fallen hook, line and sinker.
“So what is the programme, dear ?” He sheepishly asked as he felt his wallet getting lighter.
“Nothing much. Just give me company for the whole day.”  She said mischievously. She was acting coy, clever and also with conviction.
“I usually remain here, with you, for the whole day” He gathered his courage to browbeat the tigress with a straw.
“No, you simply keep yourself busy with your mistresses. You don’t have the time for me.” She jerked her body like a wave in the sea which comes back without touching the shore.
“No, no ,no.  Wait. Please wait. What are you talking about?” He thought that he was getting choked but she pretended to be deaf. His daughter-in-law, standing nearby, seemed to be enjoying the play act  of her mother –in- law, yet taking pity on him she advised him to take his wife for the day out. He felt like a culprit.  He shaved clean except the french one, took bath with polo, a body wash which  he used first time, dressed smartly and presented himself  to Her Highness with all the fineness in the world. This time she seemed to be impressed. 
“Lets  lunch out today and see a movie” He said to appease her but his tone was as if was experiencing pinpricks.
“ Is this a recommendation or threat” she retorted. She was definitely enjoying his annoyance. He just did not know what to say. Attributing motives causes rage within leading to outburst though the things remain the same at the end. He has always experienced this phenomena during his life till date. He thought  not to react but to keep mum.
“OK. We will go. The whole family will go.” She was still playing with him.
“But this is our wedding anniversary”. He was somewhat taken aback.
“Sorry. The day I tied the knot, I started weaving a tapestry of my own, getting pin-pricks time and again in between so that it looks beautiful and fits our requirements. I won’t leave that tapestry. It will always be with me and in my heart and that includes you too, my dear husband. You are the border of my tapestry” This poetic thought of hers stunned him for a moment.  He carried her wishes. Whole day was spent outdoors. One thing which kept nagging him whole day was her remarks about ‘ mistresses.’
At night he asked her about it appearing somewhat puzzled himself
“Buddu/ you dim witted (only wives can utter such lovable words) I was talking about your muses and your laptop”
He heaved a sigh of relief.
 All rights reserved/Tribhawan Kaul

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  1. Nice story Tribhawanji, imaginatively constructed using a real life situation.