Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Tales of EON (part 1): a micro review

Tales of EON (part 1): a micro review
It was a great pleasure to read Neelam Chandra Sexena’s poetic treatise ‘Tales of EON (part 1)’ based on different but important characters of the epic Mahabharata.
The authoress has carved out each character in simple quatrains to catch the imagination of all readers particularly the young generation. Each poem, be it Dushyanta’s Regret, Shantanu’s Distress, For the Sake of Race, Pandu’s Sons, Guru’s Curse, Karna’s Pledge etc presents an intriguing insight into the minds of protagonists.
As an accomplished authoress, Neelam Sexena Chandra has spread before us, through versifications, a buffet of happenings in one’s life viz guilt, happiness, love, longing, expectations, rejections and relationships bringing alive the character she is writing about. If I interpret her poems through the lenses of a present day readers, we all go through these emotions including undergoing frustrations and are subject to various inequalities in our present day societies. The book clearly shows the ability of the authoress to dig deep into her subject and sail through with ease and elegance presenting a poetic colourful rainbow arc to the readers.
The sketches with each poem does add value to the poems.  
Satisfaction is the word which the readers would derive after going through this excellent poetic work ‘Tales of EON’ She has rightly dedicated this book to all those who find mythology intriguing.
Tribhawan Kaul
Freelance writer-poet


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