Monday, 16 November 2015

चतुष्पदी (Quatrain)-17 with english translation

चतुष्पदी (Quatrain)-17 with english translation
कौनसा धर्म देता है इजाज़त कत्लेआम का
यह रास्ता नहीं है हैवानो स्वर्ग के धाम का
क्या सोच तुम लाश पर लाश बिछाये जाते हो
शैतान शर्मसार, हो रहा क़त्ल उसके भी नाम का
Kaunsa dharm deta hai ijazat katle aam ka
Yah raasta nahi hai haiwaano swarg ke dhaam ka
Kya soch tum laash pr laash bichaye jaate ho
Shaitaan sharmsaar, ho raha katl uske bhi naam ka.
Which religion expounds killings
Not the way to reach heaven, beastly beings
No wonder, seeing corpse after corpse
Shamed too is Shaitan, his name they are slaughtering.

सर्वाधिकार सुरक्षित /त्रिभवन
image curtsy Google. Attack on France by ISIS terrorists on 13-11-2015


  1. Ramkishore Upadhyay 7:16am Nov 17
    क्या सोच तुम लाश पर लाश बिछाये जाते हो
    शैतान शर्मसार, हो रहा क़त्ल उसके भी नाम का
    ----------------------------------------------------------हैवानियत की हद होगयी/मानवता त्रस्त है ,,अरे जागो लोगो यह दानव सबको खा जायेगा ,,,,,,,,,यही सन्देश निहित है इन्ही पंक्तियों में ,,बधाई आदरणीय
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  2. Om Prakash Shukla 10:42pm Nov 16
    सुन्दर संदेश प्रद
    सादर नमन
    Poet M Hussainabadi Mujahid 9:29pm Nov 16
    अह्ह्ह्ह्ह बहुत खिओब्
    Neelam Dixit 9:26pm Nov 16
    वाहह! बहुत खूब!
    Indira Sharma 9:06pm Nov 16
    काश ! कोई सोचे , , सुन्दर अभिव्यक्ति
    Dogendra Singh Thakur 8:57pm Nov 16
    वाह्ह्ह्ह् सर
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  3. Ashok Ashq 6:34pm Nov 16
    सार्थक अभिव्यक्ति बेहतरीन सृजन
    Kamini Golwalkar 5:20pm Nov 16
    सादर नमन
    Milan Singh 4:58pm Nov 16
    सार्थक अभिव्यक्ति।नमन आदरणीय।
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  4. गोप कुमार मिश्र 4:47pm Nov 16
    बेहतरीन सार्थक अभिव्यक्ति आदरणीय वाह्ह्ह्ह,,,
    गुप्ता कुमार सुशील 4:34pm Nov 16
    सार्थक अभिव्यक्ति आदरणीय ,नमन
    Kamini Golwalkar 4:23pm Nov 16
    Prince Mandawra 4:19pm Nov 16
    बेहतरीन वाह्ह्ह्ह,,,
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  5. Shyamal Sinha
    November 16 at 4:22pm

    बर्बरता पर सुन्दर प्रहार करती हिंसा को नकारता बहुत सुन्दर सृजन को नमन्
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  6. Ashi Ashi
    November 16 at 4:20pm

    inhuman act...!
    Main Hoon Ali
    November 16 at 4:13pm

    Bilkul sahi.,.,

  7. Babu Nov 16
    Very true
    VAS Nov 17
    My dear TK,
    No wonder, it's a blunder.
    No religion expounds killings but religion is the route cause for killings!!!..
    To day it's France to morrow it can be India or any country.We all must destroy them before they destroy us!!!.
    KGRD Nov 18
    TK: very fitting poem, I can understand how much you feel about the negative happenings.As it is we , seniors, can only pray and wish, from the depth of our heart, for a better world for future generations.
    Quote from VAS religion is the route cause for killings!!!
    VAS: Is it not like saying " nuclear energy is root cause to mass destruction through atom bombs, so all nuclear energy programs should be destroyed." ? Every thing depends on how we use or misuse, whether it is religion or it is nuclear energy . Religions are just pointers to guide us, if we care to listen, to get best of our lives. In that process it prompts us to become loving,caring and compassionate balanced beings. It is we, the human minds are full of mental deadly virus,namely negative and destructive thoughts, emotionally infected very badly with violent and killer instincts.All our physical, psychological ailments are NOTHING BUT reflection and manifestation of these mental and emotional infections and viruses. We neither know how to bring balance in our life by ourselves(in spite of living a (mechanical) life of 60-90 years) nor we care for pointers which are readily available through so many expressions of religious thoughts. What can we do for such people, they need to eternally struggle, struggle, beating around the bush, for everything in life,embracing self-deceptions of life which are their own creations.
    One can choose whichever expressions of pointers (religious/spiritual/yogic/balancing thoughts) touches his/her heart. But the reality is, even without even scratching the surface of what the religions are all about, we are just blindly revolting and spreading perverted messages about religions.

    So, only human minds need to be tackled and NOT the "innocent religions", which are just signposts to guide us, at every stage of our evolution. In a nutshell, religion is nothing but bringing goodness in our heart. If you already have goodness operating in your heart for 24/7/365, you are already a most admirable "religious" man/woman worth worshiping, irrespective of whether you believe in God or not, worship god or not, go to temples, churches, mosques, gurudwaras or not, read Gita, bible,Quran or not... Mother Theresa was manifestation and embodiment of of religion par excellence, absolutely in par with Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and many others !
    As an entry level, we can say that Religion is a just communication tool, to bring about goodness among humans. But who cares to listen?
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    Quote from KGRD So, only human minds need to be tackled and NOT the "innocent religions",
    I fully agree with you dear KGRD. Human mind is highly emotive and reacts to anything which it perceives is threat to its existence even if it has other ways to tackle the problems. Religious bigots normally suffer from this malady and take such steps which even their religion forbids. Thanks KGRD for sharing your views.

    Quote from VAS religion is the route cause for killings!!
    Dear VAS, yes no religion expounds killings. Religion actually is made scapegoat to meet the ulterior goals and gullible fall for this ruse. These terrorists have no religion but hide themselves behind the religious tenets. Thanks for sharing your views.

    Quote from Babu Yes, true....
    Thank you Babu.

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