Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Oh God! Oh Ishwar! Oh Allaha!

Oh God! Oh Ishwar! Oh Allaha!

Oh God! Oh Ishwar! Oh Allaha!
spare all human beings
from untold miseries
from pain, anguish and agonies
these blood sucking vampires
unleashed and roaming free
taking toll of your creations
without any reservations
these monsters and demons
torturing and tormenting
making them crawl through the tunnels of
ordeals and sufferings.

Oh God! Oh Ishwar! Oh Allaha!
YOU have been merciful and always great
have mercy on them and relieve them of satanic fate
whatever sin have they committed
this punishment is not warranted
they take birth at your will
can not be left cursed, for diseases to kill.

“ Everyone pays according to KARMAs”
repeated cliché, I do not agree
they suffer because YOU only decree
couldn’t YOU be more compassionate
YOU have the power, can alleviate
I apologise for being so rude and bold
I know YOU are in them, in their heart and soul.

Against all odds, they show the attitude
braving all deadly ailments with fortitude
though they suffer as YOU ordained
 yet praying YOU, positivity is  sustained
they look upto you as the only SAVIOUR
from the predators pouncing  to devour
so be kind to all of them, as they propitiate
calling YOU by thousand names
Oh God ! Oh Ishwar! Oh Allaha!
name they chant
bless them with YOUR heavenly hand.
All rights reserved/Tribhawan Kaul


  1. Tribhawan Kaul 7:16pm Jun 3
    Bindu Kulshrestha Ji :- Yes, sentiments are more or less same as third stanza of my poem says.. your words are meaningful...It is so nice of you. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.बहुत ही सुन्दर भावपूर्ण अभिव्यक्ति :)
    Bindu Kulshrestha
    Bindu Kulshrestha 6:57pm Jun 3
    त्रिभुवन सर आपकी कविता पढ़कर मुझे अपनी कविता की कुछ इसी भाव को लिए हुए पंक्तियाँ याद आगईं
    प्रभु मैंने नहीं बनाईं वासनाएं
    मैंने नहीं बनाईं कामनाएं
    ये सब तुम्हीं ने दिया था
    मैंने तो इन्हें सिर्फ जिया था
    तुम चाहते तो मुझे रोक सकते थे |
    पर तुमने ऐसा नहीं किया |
    सर माफ़ कीजियेगा कुछ-कुछ अपनी सी लगी कविता इसलिए अपनी पंक्तियाँ लिख दीं आपकी कविता बहुत सुन्दर hai

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  2. Jai Krishna 11:37pm Jun 3
    "I apologise for being their heart and soul." Very nice. All these happenings are also the result of God's will. You are expected to do such incredible work.

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  3. Neelofar Neelu 6:47pm Jun 3
    Ramesh Pathania 6:42pm Jun 3

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  4. Babu Jun 4
    Good verses. God ultimately has control is the essence of this poem.

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  5. Hari1941 Jun 4
    May your prayer be answered.
    If there were no such things in this world, there was need for God.

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  6. VAS Jun 4
    Oh..TK,Oh..Babu, Oh Hari,
    Wonderful poem and enjoyed it very much.Me being a lay man, in reality we take birth at our parent will or His will???..
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  7. Bishwanath Mukherjee 12:25pm Jun 13
    The Eternal Unsolved Crossword Puzzle :D Thanks for sharing Mr Kaul

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  8. Date & Time: 6/26/2016 2:53:00 AM
    Poem: 27507335 - Oh God! Oh Ishwar! Oh Allaha!
    Member: Rajnish Manga
    Comment: More than being an humble prayer, the poem is like a loaded tete e tete with God Almighty.
    these blood sucking vampires / taking toll of your creations / torturing and tormenting /....though they suffer as YOU ordained
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