Tuesday, 30 June 2015



Mother nature
provides in abundance
for her children to feed
unabashedly they perform C-sections
to satiate their greed.

She is hacked to death every day,
every minute
like a golden goose
sons and daughters make merry
forgetting they are tightening themselves
their own noose.

Being a mother, she does not tweet
reserving them a berth
for ancestors to meet 
and offers her body for carving  out
a place measuring, six by two feet.
All rights reserved/Tribhawan Kaul


  1. Pinakini Naik 11:05pm Jun 30
    very true..

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  2. Jai Krishna 3:19am Jul 1
    A vast picture on a little canvas. So beautiful is your art.

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  3. Gurneer Sahni
    July 1 at 5:31pm

    Tribhawan KaulSir it beautifully painted.in words..

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  4. Pakhi Manish 7:24pm Jul 1
    It is such a wonderful poem on mother earth and the heartless atrocities committed upon her.

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  5. Babu Jul 4
    Nicely described Mother Nature....
    Hari1941 Jul 4
    Well said TK.
    A day will come even that place of six by two will also become rare. There will be no land for graves and no wood for traditional cremation.The answer will be electric cremation.
    ramanis49 Jul 4
    There is no substitute for mother in the world....No one knows to which mother we are going to born....Similarly no mother knows this will be her child....No one will be able to change mother ... That all are Gods grace..... and Fate...
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  6. KGRD Jul 5
    Nice poem with good theme TK, prompted by Babu's poetic spells.
    Our world with its majority of citizen have become so insensitive, that unless our own backyard is affected, we will never get inspiration to take steps in preserving natural balance. Most of politicians and world leaders hue and cry are nothing more than an intellectual exercise with its ad hoc and truncated achievements, which can not go beyond skin depth. Shamlessly we will not hesitate to boast ourselves as our achievements expecting recognition with honours, awards and prizes. Unfortunately, That is where we stand today. Until and unless getting concern and care for environments becomes a way of life with at most priority for human life, there does not seem to be any other way in foreseeable future....
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