Saturday, 27 June 2015

Recently released anthologies

Some of the recently released monolingual and bilingual anthologies (consisting of my work also) were received by me during last fortnight. It is really a pleasure to read some of the finest Indian and International poets of high caliber and some promising young talents as well. Thanks to everyone associated with the selection and publication.
Resonance – स्पंदन :- Poets and Artists Unplugged
Purple Hues- Sanmati Publishers and Distributors
Just for you, My Love- Global Fraternity of Poets



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    Pramila Khadun Congratulations Tribhawan.
    Sanmati Publisher best wishes
    Santosh Bakaya Congratulations Tribhawan Kaul ji
    Renu Bharti congratessssssssssss
    Driftwood Ashore Wonderful sirjee.
    And honoured by your contribution to Resonance Spandan. Thank you so much
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  2. Jai Krishna At first , welcome home sir .Since you were absent, you had taken away all the grace . Hope you are fine .
    Thanks for the publication of ' स्पन्दन' .It was once my heart- core desire to publish such a bilingual collection when I was registered as a research scholar in Deppt. of Hindi , University of Gorakhpur in 1993 ....
    Ramkishore Upadhyay हार्दिक बधाई ...आदरणीय...अवश्य ही रचनाएँ शानदार रही होगी,,,,,
    Indira Sharma Congratulations
    Kavi Sanjay Sah हार्दिक बधाई
    Syamala Vemuri Congratulations!
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  3. Savi Mani हार्दिक बधाई
    Gupta Kumar Sushil आदरणीय , स्वागतेय विचार |
    Rajendra Padhi Congratulations dear sir
    Main Hoon Ali From me too heartfelt congratulation sir.
    Tapeshwar Prasad Congratulations dear Sir!
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  4. Sandra Martyres Congrats Tribhavanji
    DrReena Singh Thank you sir for your contribution and for your appreciation.
    Jen Walls heart emoticon Congrats!
    Shailesh Gupta Congratulations emoticon
    Niraj Sharma congrates
    Pandey Kc Its realy v.good .congratulations.
    शब्द मसीहा बधाई
    Om Prakash Sharma Congratulations!
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