Monday, 15 June 2015



Rain when it comes, it only rains
scorching heat, biting dust
parched earth sniffing life
birds chirping as they must
peeled brooks smile again
rain when it comes, it only rains.

Dying flowers breathe and blush
shying lotus blossom in slush
peacocks dance, frogs croak
dried forest getting soaked
faded leaves, unfold again
rain when it comes, it only rains.

Buds blossom into flowers
newly weds dying for showers
cupid strikes and presence is felt
hearts of human and animals getting melt
oblivious of surrounding only two remain
rain when it comes, it only rains.

Farmers laugh running to fields
praying God for bumper yield
dusty winds dare not blow
venturing children paying no heed
mercury mulls not rising again
rain when it comes, it only rains.

Rivers sing a merry song
springs wish to go along
streams dance to nature’s tune
rising lakes see nothing wrong
brownish land looks green again
rain when it comes, it only rains.

Overcast sky sieving light
far  in the west rainbow bright
puddles of pool in the street
roof top cries, oh kite, oh kite
water authorities needn’t rake the brains
rain when comes, it only rains.

Elixir for life, rain must go away
but must come in time, we always pray
without rains none will be sane
life in planet will not remain
rain when it comes, it only rains.
All rights reserved/Tribhawan Kaul


  1. Vasudha Kanupriya 7:27am Jun 16
    You have beautifully described effects of rain on nature, from the earth to sky. birds, flowers....everything that exists in nature needs rains.... lovely piece!

    via fb/purple pen

  2. Shaista Irshad 12:24pm Jun 16

    via fb/purple pen


  3. Jai Krishna 2:28pm Jun 16
    What a perfect scene ! Such cheerful is the poem that the reader feels like to move with the movement of rain . I am amazed to see a child sitting within the grown up personality of the poet . Beautiful really.

    via fb/PSOI

  4. Mukesh Srivastava 10:58am Jun 17
    Sonia Gupta 9:57pm Jun 16
    Very well described sir
    Ranjna Nautiyal 8:07pm Jun 16
    via fb/Purple Pen