Thursday, 28 July 2016

Refreshing Writes-- a bird's eye view.

Jai Krishna
July 24 at 2:09pm ·
Really Refreshes :
"Refreshing Writes"
Tribhawan Kaul
A book review
Many books will come and go,
The real refresher will remain to glow.
The above said couplet is response my poet-heart reflects at first while reading the book .
Poet Tribhawan Kaul is well-known to us but what is surprising, is to find him as a short story writer.
Magnificent writer he is in this concern . His short stories are the aboveboard reflexions of his virtual experience of life .
His autobiographical style is in free flow and his diction makes it interesting to read whole in one breathe.
Published by Authors Press, New Delhi, the book can be categorized in must read category.
Thank you very much .
Tribhawan Kaul
I am honoured Jai Krishna Ji. Thanks. Stay blessed. :)
Jai Krishna 
Nice short stories sir !
The story " Love of third kind" has changed your image in my mind . ha..ha..ha .
Tribhawan Kaul
Jai Krishna Ji : :) :) :) I know. We, poets/writers have to be alive to changes occurring in our society day in and day out. IVF, surrogate mothers, renting of wombs, semen/sperm banks etc. are slowly & steadily taking roots. The story is one of its offshoots. Thanks for your lovely observation . I love that. Happy reading. :) :) :)

 Note by Tribhawan Kaul :- The book is available on  and as well as with the publisher Aurthors Press, India

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