Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Recovery of lost text (other than english language) on up-gradation to Window 10 from Window 7

Dear friends.
I want to share my experience with all those who are thinking of upgrading to windows 10. On 4/5-06-2016, I upgraded my Microsoft Window 7 to Window 10. Upgradation took number of hours and it was a smooth transition.  Being a bilingual writer-poet, I had kept my entire text  on different subject in different files stored in document section. However on 5th June to my astonishment, I found all my files consisting of hindi writings (devnagri script of main Indian language) turned into blank squares thus washing out all my work in hindi while files having english texst remained intact. Frankly speaking I panicked. I saught help from my known people from IT. Every one was at a loss.  I approached Microsoft to resolve the issue through toll free numbers and asked CORTANA (window 10 )as well. No response. Microsoft through FAQ query asked me to retrieve the file thorugh  ‘Restore my files’ option in start menu. It also did not work as I had not lost any file but the text. Lastly I joined the community of Microsoft too to extract some response/solution. One member was kind enough to suggest some solutions and asked for more technical information which being a non-IT person could not comply. Everything failed. This naturally made me totally upset and I was thinking how to re-collect the entire work which also made me think going back to windows 7. (Microsoft has offered up-gradation of Windows 10 free upto July 29, 2016 with a trial period of 4 weeks). If this could happen to hindi language, it can happen to any language except english, it is my perception.

I passed the 5th night tossing on the bed. I did not have the back up too as is usually done. On 6th I tried again. Out of the blue, an idea came to my mind. We all know that the ‘NOTEPAD’ in start menu/built in programme,  usually modifies the effect of internet information when pasted. Just for the heck of it, I copied the blank squares of my page/file and pasted on the ‘Notebook/Notepad.’ Lo, to my wonder and extreme pleasure, I found my text retrieved in original language(hindi). I copied the text from Notebook/Notepad and pasted on the file. It took me whole day to retrieve my work slowly and gradually. It was so simple and none knew it, even the Microsoft Company too.

Why I have gone to so much length to explain my ordeal is to spread the information amongst all users who are thinking to upgrade their windows to window 10 as offered by Microsoft.
Thanks for being patient with me.
Tribhawan Kaul


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