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Kashmir issue :- An interaction

Kashmir issue :- An interaction on facebook after terrorist Burhan Wani was killed.

Tribhawan Kaul
July 18 at 10:16pm ·
When demand for freedom from parents gains currency on behest of non-friendly neigbourer through misguided elements in the family itself, what the head of the family is supposed to do. Think of a family where a son chooses a wrong path because its neigbourer is hell bent to break the family with the help of insiders. What should the head of family  do. ? Watch helplessly the gagarin spreading to all other members of his family or take steps to get it healed surgically !
Seharyar Khan
Operation red star needed
July 18 at 10:57pm
Tribhawan Kaul
Yes. Operation red star this time. :)
July 19 at 11:15am
Madan Gandhi
July 19 at 12:01am
Tribhawan Kaul
Thanks Sir. :)
July 19 at 11:16am
Radhey Shyam Varshney
 .....steps to get it healed surgically...
Healed not...Ampute it surgically, Ampute give a notification in paper severing all rights in property, to arrange rental place even agreeing to pay rent for few months, and feel relieved...
Seems difficult because of parental bond..
No dear Satan doesn't feel parental bond otherwise this painful situation may not have raised.
A person of Duryodhan Budhdhi.. to him even Shri Krishna could not persuade to improve, those who defy own parents will
Never...never understand the mental agony through which parents undergo.. Amputation is only solution...or continue to be tortured.
This I am saying after forty years of counseling in such matters. May God bless
For right action
July 19 at 12:24am
Tribhawan Kaul
In the present circumstances, amputation, yes will work yet surgeon always tries to get gagarin treated through various other means. Duryodhans are ultimately to be destroyed by any means. :)
July 19 at 11:20am
Radhey Shyam Varshney
Thanks dear for observation... As I know there is no treatment for gangrene except to Ampute that part and save the rest, in time before whole body becomes dead alike. Rest God may bless in this situation for right course..
July 19 at 12:38pm
Tribhawan Kaul
Thanks for your straight forward views Radhey Shyam Varshney Ji :)
July 20 at 10:02am
Tribhawan Kaul
Thanks friends. Treat this days as another Armed Forces Day. Jai Hindustan, Jai Bharat, Jai Jawaan. :)
July 19 at 11:24am
Hari Lakhera
Amputation is the last option. Sometimes the sick horse has to be killed so that the herd may move on. In families
This is possible if the sickness is physical but if it is mental counseling is the only way out. For parents the agony is implied.
19 at 12:20pm
Tribhawan Kaul
Thank you Hari Ji for your views. :)
July 20 at 10:02am
Shyam Sundar Sharma
I think surgery has to be performed using anesthesia of love and friendliness and anti biotics of wisdom and common sense. Just surgery can lead to fatal complications. 😊
July 19 at 2:49pm
Deepti Nischol Kaul
Don't know the exact situation...but I m really amazed how beautifully you have put it.....hats off you uncle...:-)
July 20  at 1:11am
Shyam Sundar Sharma
Thanks for appreciation of my stray thought Deepti Nischol Kaul Ji 😊 Have nice day !!
July 20 at 6:21am
Deepti Nischol Kaul
Have a nice day....:-)
July 20 at 7:45am
Tribhawan Kaul
Thank you Shyam Sundar Sharmar Ji. I honour your views. :)
July 20 at 10:04am
Tribhawan Kaul
Thank you Deepti Nischol Kaul for being on this status of mine. It is so nice of you. Do read my status in the context of Pakistan intervening in the internal matters of India by observing 'black day' in support of terrorism in Kashmir. :)
July 20  at 10:08am
Deepti Nischol Kaul
Thank u Baijan....will surely do that...:-)
July 20 at 10:37am
Vikrant Pawar
Family is irreplaceable. Shoot the neighbour first or have him shot. Distance from family makes one conscious of the bond and builds the psychological strength that is required to feel responsible towards the family.
July 20 at 12:57am
Tribhawan Kaul
Thank you for you response. :)
July 20 at 10:09am
Tribhawan Kaul
Some of us seek amputation and some think surgical healing with love and affection is best to set the things right. If we seek amputation we risk third world war and if we go on providing healing touch, India may bleed through its nose as it has been doing since partition. Pandits have been hounded out and soon we may find moderate muslims of J& State also hounded out from kashmir. Isn't India is in catch 22 situation and India has always been so far as Kashmir problem is concerned. Can I have your views on this too ;@ Hari Lakhera ji @ Radhey Shyam Varshney Ji @ Vikrant Pawar Ji ,@ Shyam Sundar Sharma Ji and dear Deepti Nischol Kaul :)
July 20 at 10:21am

This is a dear friend’s (Hari Lakhera’s) status on his timeline

Hari Lakhera
July 19 at 4:55pm ·
At the risk of being called anti national for posting such thoughts on the eve of our Independence Day, I am not in a position to resist it mainly because facebook is flooded with posts hailing our jawans. It seems as if the surge of love for the jawans has suddenly erupted in view of their sacrifice in difficult situations in controlling the unrest in the valley.
Their primary job is to protect the borders by driving away the intruders from the borders or from life itself. They are trained to do it. The alternative is to get killed. Every person who joins the force is aware of the fact that his life will be at risk. He joins it because either he wants to make a career in the forces and earn a decent package in terms of monetary benefits. I am not sure how many of them do it for the love of the country. Once they join the forces they are trained to believe that they are performing their duty for the love of the country. They are trained to hit back with full force without mercy or else the enemy will kill them and the civilians they are supposed to protect.
It was a simple option for the mercenaries during the 100 years of war in Europe. They joined the forces for money and that was that.Some of them did not belong to the country they were fighting for. Take the case of Gorkhas. They were in British and later on in Indian army.
The number of people lining up for recruitment in the army, police and other para military forces and the stories of corruption prevailing in the recruitment process further strengthens the point that it is an career option/family tradition for some and a way of earning livelihood for others. It is their training that makes them faithful to their job and country. Their rigorous practice of this motto makes them disciplined soldiers.
It is sad that our Jawans have to open fire on their own brothers and sisters within the boundaries of the country. Here they are being asked to do exactly the opposite. The civilians under any guise hit them with stones, guns and even rocket launchers. They are told to keep cool and act with restraint. This is not what the army jawans were trained for. It is easy to preach for restraint but difficult to practice it in the face of provocation as our jawans and other security forces are facing in various part of the country. They may be misguided elements in the valley or deep forest of naxals hit areas or tribal in the North east.
Jitendra Pande
Very correct.
July 19 at 5:07pm
Rohit Lakhera
It is easy to protest about the army at Jantar Mantar and talking about azadi but difficult to understand that how much a jawan go through in his entire life just to serve the nation and people who he never met or may not even remember him after his death.
Like · Reply · July 19 at 6:58pm
Hari Lakhera
That is the reason it was suggested that civilian bosses in the defense ministry should be visit the fronts and have a feel of the difficult situations our Jawans live in.
July 20

Tribhawan Kaul

Thoughts on the eve of Independence Day ???? Let me put things into correct perspective. If love for jawans has all of sudden erupted, it is in response to Pakistan's unethically observing a ' black day' today to promote terrorist ideology in our own state J& K. . Secondly it is true that Jawans are to protect our borders and fight our wars but we should not forget that during peace time they are supposed to help other para military forces in various exigencies including terrorist activities and we should not forget J & K is a border state which Pakistan never wants to remain stable. Thirdly from the time immemorial, the army is maintained to protect a country's sovereignty by employing able bodied jawans just people are employed like in any other occupation . To say that they join forces simply to earn and not have any idea of patriotic essence, is to demean their intentions. There could not have been Param Veer Chakras and other gallantry awards which are given for ultimate sacrifices unlike Padma awards which are politically motivated. To compare mercenaries with jawaans in forces is a very sad statement. Do you mean to suggest that all wars in India fought since Ramanaya days were fought by mercenaries. I don't think so. Fourthly tell me where has not corruption seeped into in the present day system all over the world. Our armed forces are a part of our Govt. too and is not immune to some malpractices. Lastly if the jawans respond to the cries of help during droughts, floods and other natural calamities, these forces can be called to control misguided elements too if the Govt. at the helm feels it so. Armed forces never act on it own as India can never be Pakistan. Jai Bharat, Jai Hindustan :)
July 19 at 7:23pm
Ashutosh Chakraverty
Tribhawan Kaulji, you are right. Moreover, defense personnels' enduring profession cannot be equated with other professions. Not all can embrace such extraordinarily demanding career. Even if we think, which I don't, pay and perks are better.
July 19 at 8:02pm
Hari Lakhera
July 20 at 1:55pm
TK,One- I specifically mentioned mercenaries in reference to 100 years war in Europe. I would not dare to compare them with modern day armies be in India or elsewhere. Two-Talking of awards, the little said the better particularly civilian and sports awards. Three-There is no denying the fact that Jawans are more loyal than the 'LOYAL'. at higher levels whose hands are smeared with illicit bribes in defense deals. Career in forces is demanding and risky and the jawans know it. What attracts them more-money or loyalty or both is a matter of debate only upto a point. Once they join it is loyalty for the job which is much higher from loyalty to the job in civil services and private sector. Forces are coming out with huge ads imploring youths to join with implied inducements.Fourth- army is called to help in natural calamities because they are better equipped and trained and their commitment is high. Fifth-I still maintain that army should be called out in law and order control only when police and paramilitary forces have failed and not as routine. Fifth- sudden surge in remembering the jawans on occasion is nothing new, this time it may be the unfortunate black day celebrated in Pakistan. Here again it the failure of the successive Governments to improve relations with neighbors including Pakistan.
Guru Prasanna Mondal
July 20 at 5:40pm
 It is very difficult to handle Kashmir issue as army have to obey the guidance of our senior political people and their political issues , if our army get free hand as per the situation things will be easy to handle by army.

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