Friday, 11 December 2015

My book on flipkart

Dear friends

You will never regret purchasing this book for your reading and adoring your shelves. This book provides thoughtful entertainment while underlining the truth behind each poem and story.

The book “REFRESHING WRITES :- a collection of poems & short-stories containing 226 pages & priced at Rs.195/= is published by Authorspress India and  is available online at flipkart and with the publisher at the following link.

Please do give me the feedback in case you decide to buy the book.
Tribhawan Kaul
Freelance writer-poet


  1. Ramkishore Upadhyay
    December 8 at 4:13pm

    It is really a pleasure to read this book.
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  2. Bhaskar Jha
    December 15 at 9:54pm

    QUite refreshing!
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  3. Sujit Mukherjee says about my book “Refreshing Writes”:-

    I read each of your poems from your new and refreshing collections of poems. Your poetic canvas is deep and wide, you bring life to everyday incidences with your superb poetic expressions . You are a natural poet thus you could capture poetry from the nature , relationship s ,society and family . Your innovative nano poetry is indeed a new genre,very sweet very interesting. Keep writing wonderful verse
    Sujit Mukherjee is a comtemporary poet with a great touch of poetic excellence having authored Dewdrops, realms of inspiration. Here he is seen with my 'Refreshing Writes", a collection of poems and short-stories.
    Thank you dear Sujit./ on fb 05-12-2015

  4. Syamala Vemuri 11:21am Dec 20
    I finished reading refreshing Writes. Really good collection of poems. I guess writers and poets have a sixth sense. The incidents which ordinary people "Let Go" captures the mind of a poet and a beautiful poem appears,Poet puts forth his feelings in a few words and they make a lot of impact. That is what you did in your poems. (people like me a LOT of words to put forth my ideas. Can't be brief and effective.). All are good but I liked The wait of a soldier's wife,satisfaction, nagging, Reincarnation of a flower,Father , journey are really good. Among the stories I liked Saviour. Yes, trust is one of the most important ingredient along with love and respect.

    Syamala Vemuri 11:21am Dec 20
    Thank for a good book.
    A book Fair is going on in Hyderabad since yesterday. I went and browsed and bought a couple of Telugu books.