Monday, 28 December 2015

Battle Hardened

"Women in War' an international anthology in which my poem finds a place.

Battle Hardened
We, the women with lot of resistance
Can’t be cowed by your persistence.

You demand sacrifices form our men folk
Forgetting, we are not far behind to take the yoke.

We fight side by side whenever you strike
In kitchens yet we keep the flames burning bright.

Country looks up to us to serve and die
Perceiving us weaklings is now a far cry.

Baton is passed to us by legendary past
Moulded in toughness we are in cast.

For peace our men fight at the front?
But oh...WAR! we only have to face the brunt.

“What you do to us”, it has to be realised
Winner or loser, we only get brutalised

Pain, anguish, longing take its toll
Impact on mental and physical strength is not small.

Subject of subjugation, exploitation and humiliation
Burying our kids who die of starvation

Do you understand  magnitude of our sufferings?
You Brute, refugees we become in our own dwellings.

A game for warlords and you play in their hands
They test their wares infusing adrenaline in their glands

Like dogs you allow them to fight for territories
Thrusting upon us insurmountable calamities

Women in war suffer the most
Victorious may yet raise the bloody toast

We pray, you to be guillotined before raising your head
Peace, love, compassion and service then be our bread.

 All rights reserved/Tribhawan Kaul 


  1. Aparna Pathak 11:15am Dec 30
    So beautiful
    --------------------via fb/Kafia

  2. Gaurav Sharma 11:17am Dec 30
    that's the unrealized truth beautifully expressed....salute
    ---------------------via fb/Kaafiya

  3. Soumya Mohanty Vilekar 12:47pm Dec 30
    what a sensitive tribute with thoughtful awakening
    ---------------------------------via fb/kaafiya

  4. Neha R. Krishna 4:41pm Dec 30
    Women in war suffer the most... so true.. :)
    --------------------------------------via fb/kaafiya

  5. Pawan Amba 6:51pm Dec 30
    -----------------------via fb/kaafiya

  6. Sadia Khan 12:07am Dec 30
    Such a beautiful poem, Sir...
    ----------------------------------via fb/kaafiya

  7. via fb/ Rejected Stuff.
    Gauri Dixit 9:59pm Dec 29
    Sreemathi Ravi 8:55pm Dec 29
    Thoughtful !!
    Beautiful Write !

  8. via fb/The Poetry Society of India.
    Jai Krishna 11:28pm Dec 29
    My bow to the prettiest woman lives within you .
    Amazingly you have disclosed their true feelings.
    excellent performance !!

  9. Date & Time: 2/24/2016 11:56:00 AM
    Poem: 44847058 - Battle Hardened
    Member: Mike Smith
    Comment: I read your authors note and your poem is well deserving of the accolade. Very descriptive and very powerful. Your rhymes worked beautifully, never forced or at a stretch. And your message couldn't be truer. All around great poem. Thanks for sharing