Sunday, 20 December 2015

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Janell Madden (United States; )
Tribhawan Kaul
Date Time:
12/17/2015 4:40:00 AM (GMT -6:00)
seeeking permission to use 'Water'
I am a resource teacher for Anne Arundel County Public Schools. We are currently writing a 2nd grade curriculum and would like to include “Water' by Tribhawan Kaul for our 2nd graders to enjoy in Shared Reading. Would it be possible to gain permission to use it? We are not selling this curriculum. It is solely for our teachers and students.

It is heartening to receive a message  via  from an unknown  Ms.Janell Madden requesting to include my poem’ water’ in the curriculum of 2nd graders to enjoy in shared reading. She is a resource teacher for Anne Arundel County Public Schools. Highly satisfying for a poet  though no financial gains are involved. Thanks Ms. Janell Madden.

I want to add that the poem was rejected for publication by one of the leading magazines for children in India

Here is the poem:-

Water (Children's Day Special) - Poem by Tribhawan Kaul
Drink water
Which is pure
It is healthy
That is sure.

Waste not water
It is life
Harvest it
Sustains life.

Wasting water
Is no no
Preserve water
Wise say so

Water is elixir
Flushing toxins
Nutrient carrier
Water has been

Drink water
3 liters a day
It is living
In healthy way
- - - - - - - - - - - -
All rights reserved/Tribhawan Kaul


  1. Suresh Goswami Sureshji
    December 20 at 9:16pm
    Congratulations for a offer to include ur poem''water'' in the curriculumn of 2nd graders in some public school of USA, which was rejected in india.
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  2. Gulzar Ahmad
    December 20 at 9:25pm
    Amazing really awesome
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  3. Tapeshwar Prasad
    December 20 at 9:36pm
    Great dear sir...proud of thee!
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  4. Himanshu Sahni
    December 20 at 9:47pm
    Congratulations sir󾮞 You deserve this
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  5. Pandey Prabhu
    December 20 at 9:48pm
    u desrv it sir :)
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  6. Jagjit Singh Jandu
    December 20 at 10:19pm

    Congrats <3 over one year ago, one of my friend from USA requested me for permitting her to use my poem ( YOU & ME ) in her lesson-plan for High School students, I know it gives the poet much happiness :)
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  7. Rajesh Chavan
    December 20 at 10:23pm
    Congrats Uncle. Superb!!
    ---Murthy Naidu Tadala SN
    December 20 at 10:45pm

    अरुण शर्मा
    December 20 at 11:42pm
    Very nice poem sir
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  8. Sandra Martyres
    December 21 at 12:09am
    Congrats Tribhawanji, this poem is very apt today and merits being taught to children.
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  9. Jeetesh Vaishya
    December 21 at 12:49am
    Wow....I like this poem a very good message is being conveyed. Congrats sir :)
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  10. Heather Burns
    December 21 at 1:18am

    great Tribhawan
    Raj Babu Gandham
    December 21 at 9:27am
    Congratulations Sir ! Strong message to humanity :)
    Surender Gagroo
    December 21 at 11:09am
    Congratulations ! Great achievement !
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  11. Yaseen Anwer
    December 20 at 8:53pm
    Tribhawan ji, Wishing you many more. Smiles
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