Thursday, 4 September 2014


Teachers  (Dedicated to all teachers on Teacher’s Day: 05th September)
Moon when ceases to exist
stars shine brightly
negotiate universal maze
choreographers end assignments
dancers take centre stage
or gardeners water the thoughts
trimming the plants
and cutting the rough edges
for smooth growth
within the periphery
of social hedges, buds bloom
sure, legend are not made in the womb
discipline, values, responsibilities
inculcated to be  tools of anti-wrongdoing
no gratitude is enough
thanks giving makes one weep
as  investors far off
watch their money grow
in the building of a nation
a nation reaps, they sow
All rights reserved/Tribhawan Kaul


  1. Shivali Dhaka 10:44am Sep 5
    beautiful imagery n thought

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  2. Parul Tomar 10:48am Sep 5
    Wonderful lines....HAPPY TEACHER 'S DAY ....sir !

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  3. Vinod Khanna 10:57am Sep 5
    Kanchan Bhattacharya 12:43pm Sep 5
    Oh yes!

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  4. Tapeshwar Prasad 5:25pm Sep 5
    One toils and others reap ...

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  5. Babu Yesterday,
    Teachers sow; Students reap; Nation prospers..........

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  6. Hari1941 Yesterday, 18:45
    Yes TK, while parents give birth to a child, teachers make him/her a man/woman. Today I was a bit worried when a teacher said, students no more respect their teachers. One teacher was beaten by the parents because he dared to discipline a spoiled brat suggesting if he did not behave he will be removed from the school. These simple words were enough to provoke the parents.
    A lot is needed to improve the lot of teachers. At least on teachers day NAMO should have spared them the additional burden of keeping the kids in school, evaluate them on their understanding of his speech.

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  7. Eruemuare Goodnews
    Legend are not made in the womb. They must go through the mentorship of Teachers, in one way or the other. Nice piece.
    September 6 at 6:25am
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  8. Sunila Kamal 10:47pm Oct 6
    Good values inculcated with the help of teachers.. Very nice

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  9. Comments as on September 2016
    वसुधा कनुप्रिया Beautifully penned, Sir
    September 5 at 9:37pm
    Ashok Srivastava
    सारगर्भित कथन ,सुंदर शब्द संयोजन ,marvelous poem.
    September 6 at 10:02am
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  10. Comments as on September 2016
    Sarindha Sethi
    Beautifu words, TKji .
    September 5 at 10:05pm
    Rajeshwer Sharma
    Excellent tribute to a teacher.
    Happy teachers'day.
    September 5 at 10:06pm
    Jai Krishna
    Magnificent lines !
    September 5 at 10:06pm
    Savi Mani
    Outstanding TK ji....simply outstanding......a nation reaps they sow!!!!! words fail me to comment....
    September 5 at 10:08pm
    डॉ किरण मिश्रा
    September 5 at 10:21pm
    Suresh Pal Verma Jasala
    वाहहहहह बहुत खूब
    September 5 at 10:41pm
    V A Sambandam
    A great tribute to all teachers.
    September 6 at 9:40am
    Hari Lakhera
    Happy teachers day
    September 6 at 10:26am
    Murthy Naidu Tadala SN
    Murthy Naidu Tadala SN I wonder how so easily you bring out such wonderful poems to suit any occasion, ...Tribhawan Kaul saab.
    September 6 at 11:02am

    SoulNectar Swansh
    A Nation Reaps They Sow An Apt Tribute Dear Tribhawan Kaul Sir......
    September 6 at 11:14am
    Rose Angel Rajshree Kaul
    September 7
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