Friday, 12 September 2014

God's Wrath

God’s Wrath
HIS benevolence knows no boundaries
but incomprehensible is God’s wrath
 thinks not twice while taking away all
forewarning always, never to cross HIS path
but none heeds and who cares
nailed to cross one who dares
“never blame me,” thunders HE
blame the elements
wrecking the havoc
humans invited the wrath
what a pity !
Raping the nature’s generosity.
All rights reserved/ Tribhawan Kaul

Note from the poet: Published in an anthology  “Poems From Third World/Feb 2014/Blackbuck Publications”  is posted in view of recent floods in J&K. The poem was actually written after 16th June 2013 soon after the flash floods ravaged Kedarnath, Gaurikund etc. of Uttrakhand (India)

Picture:- curtsy


  1. Sarala Ram Kamal 8:03pm Sep 12
    Profound !
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  2. Heather Burns 8:24pm Sep 12
    excellent writing Tribhawan Humans invited the wrath what a pity

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  3. Nazre Imam 8:48pm Sep 12

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  4. Ramesh Rai 10:25pm Sep 12
    Raping the nature’s generosity. yes right you are sir.

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  5. Kanchan Bhattacharya
    It will happen to the hills first. Then the earth... in the plains. We have tampered enough

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  6. Jen Walls
    Serious pain of suffering ensues! What a piece...heart goes to those afflicted innocents and pray for better days ahead too!

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  7. Sandra Martyres 5:49am Sep 13
    You reflect the Old Testament beliefs in this poem... Humans call misery upon themselves!

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  8. Hasmukh Mehta commented on your photo.
    Hasmukh wrote: "Nice one.. pathetic show,,,, We are ugly human beings? Responsible for miseries to bring The earth was never ungrateful Turning sorrowful remorseful We have blocked river way Water can not find the easy way Birds, forests have disappeared Now the existence is really feared What can your expect more? How can He ignore? Such irresponsible acts “We suffer most” is fact"
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  9. saviSep 12
    Dear TK, as always wonderful thought provoking poem .........

    you said this poem was written after the devastation at Kedarnath etc but see the tragedy, the poem holds so good for current scenario,
    yes humans have destroyed the beautiful creation of God, instead of passing on a better world to our future generation, we have ruined everything........we are to be blamed for all that is happening and even at this extreme stage we dont learn then from our follies, then even God may not be able to save HIS creation.......

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  10. tadalamurthy Sep 12
    a nice poem

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  11. Babu Sep 13
    This "Rape" of nature by humans also is totally intolerable as also
    the "Rape" committed in general life, A good poem by TK

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  12. VAS Sep 13
    My dear international poet TK,
    I like your touching poem as usual.
    Yes it's pity that human dig their burial pit themself.
    Yes human invited the wrath of death bed by inventing lot many equipment that pollute our wonder earth.

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