Saturday, 1 July 2017

Nature’s Lament

Nature’s Lament
Mother assimilates cloud’s offerings
The womb delivers nature’s bounty
Hope rejoices as its rays spring joy
Streams reveal and energise in glee.

Greenery breathes with effortless aplomb
Blossoms muster courage to bloom
Shining Vasundhra* beams with pride
Bosom stretching lifting gloom.

Oh ! Is it now history ?

Afflicted by human carnage
Waiting impatiently for the balloon to burst
Check your zodiacs and the day you cease
Mind the day, you die of hunger and thirst !

Extolling  beasts of devastating minds
Fuelling the desert with various kinds
Ways of fidayeens not for adoption
Behave my children, no more caution.

Oh! To whom am I addressing?

Come, toil does wonders fostering lives
Karmas get paid walking razor sharp knives
Threatening our world is global warming
Kill all pollutants, before the monster thrives. 

Desperate causes need desperate measures
Surgery needs embrace inherent dangers
Donate cheers for future generations
Come, save this planet for regeneration.

Oh! Hope I am listened.
All rights reserved/Tribhawan Kaul

Note : The poem has been published in e-zine on 22 June,2017 

Images : curtsy

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