Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Josh-e-Jazba Poetry Meet

Dateline 22 July 2017.  A monthly poetry meet, under the aegis of Josh-e-Jazba, was held at the Fedration Hall, Lokpuram , Thane (Maharashtra). Josh-e-Jazba is a subsidy of Vetran Citizens Forum based in Thane working towards the welfare of senior citizens. Poems of various genres were recited both in Hindi and Marathi by  Ms/Mr. Anil Agwekar, H P Singh, Preetam Gulrajani, Manju Gulrajani, Rukhmani Krishnan,Tribhawan Kaul, Deepa Patwardhan, Indira Das, B.J.Deshpande, Umesh Mishra, Bidu Bhushan, RadhaKrishan Molasi & Hema Pandy. The meet was ably conducted by Mr.Anil Agwekar.  Mrs. Indira Das's self written 'Joshe Jazba- Joshe Jazba' song was adopted as the anthem of the Group. Hearty congratulations to Mrs. Indira Das and the all members of the group. Few photographs/videos of the same are presented here. 

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