Monday, 17 July 2017

Destiny of a flower

Destiny of a flower
World of spring blesses me
Sadness diminishes with blooms
Blushing brides dancing with grooms.

Flowering into flowers, life draws full circle
Prayers accepted yet happiness eludes me
Plucked now and then, the habit ,floors me.

Places sacrosanct lap my presence
Hair adore me to lure its men
Yet crushed and mutilated in my own den.

Life of anonymity leading to despondency
Human nature crosses the bar
Hope survives me as spring is never too far.

Time remains dominant
Spring just confusion in mind
Transmigration, a soulful grind.

Clock wheel turns ushering blooming season
Shudder to think of bygone misery
Seeds of present again shaping my destiny.
All rights reserved/Tribhawan Kaul
Image : From net

dated 09/07/2017


  1. Anjana Mishra
    18 July at 3:29pm
    Pintu Mahakul
    Nature has power to give us relief from stress. We feel very happy seeing even a small flower. Seeds of present again and again give shaping to our destiny. Time remains dominant and flowers deeply impact our lives. Seeing blooming of flowers we realize blooming of life in God's garden. Very beautifully penned excellent poem is shared here.
    July 18 at 3:37pm
    --------------------via fb/TL

  2. Sujit Mukherjee
    I loved the title of your poem Destiny of a flower " so similar to our destiny ....our flowering and dropping are not in our hand ...
    July 18 at 6:15pm
    -------------------via fb/Poetry Society of India

  3. via fb/TL
    Meenakshi Sukumaran
    July 18 at 5:20pm
    Satyananda Sarangi
    Whilst this flower born in spring knows no end
    Nor does succumb to autumn or winter;
    It sparkles the dew like sunrays Godsend,
    That no obnoxious weed can deter.
    - Satyananda Sarangi
    July 18 at 11:16pm
    Indira Sharma
    July 19 at 12:16pm
    Baleshwar Purohit
    What a breathtaking poem dear friend
    July 19 at 4:21pm

  4. Shrihari Wani
    July 20 at 4:22am
    हमे हर समय हँसने की वजह मिले न मिले परन्तु रोने के अनेक कारण हर समय हर जगह मिल ही जाते है ...क्या इसीलिए बुद्ध ने कहा था ...संसार में सर्वत्र दुःख ही दुःख है...क्या इसीलिए सुख क्षणिक और दुःख दीर्घजीवी होता है
    --------------------------------------------via fb/TL

  5. Sagar Kataria
    Nice poem Tribhawan Kaul but you have used past tense and present tense in one line only. If this is a poem narrated by a flower, then it is quite confusing.
    World of spring blesses me
    Sadness diminishes with blooms
    Blushing brides dancing with grooms.

    Here in the first para, the first two lines relate to a flower saying about itself, and the third line is a scene where you have quoted that blushing brides dancing. Kindly give this poem a read again, I regret for pointing out this as this is a case in every para of this poem.
    July 22 at 12:18pm
    Tribhawan Kaul
    @ Sagar Kataria : it is nice of you to have read the poem and I appreciate your observation. The interpretation can never be on the same page of a poet and a reader. A poem is always open to various interpretations. I respect your observation but at the same time I must add that a poet always visualizes the subject in different way than meets the eye. If a reader finds something unusual in every stanza of the poem, it may be deliberate. First two lines make a statement and third line gives a stunning dimension to the subject though may be of the past and in the past tense or both. Without past, there can never be the present These stanzas are like haikus (repeat like haikus) but are not actually haikus as this form of poetry is limited to syllable counts 5-7-5 and are always in present tense. However, taking cue from haiku form of poetry, the poet has taken liberty to present his poetry in past-present . to its readers, of a flower’s (metaphor for a girl, lady, sex worker etc.) destiny in its various manifestations which transmigrates it to its new role. Thanks for your presence on this poem of mine. :)
    July 22 at 10:58pm
    Sujit Mukherjee
    Wonderful poem . Flower s teaches us our bloom then fade ...
    July 23 at 8:01am
    ------------------------via fb/TL