Sunday, 27 September 2015

“The Gust of Wits” Another anthology in hand

“The Gust of Wits” by the poets of Muses Bower.
Another anthology in hand. It is a great pleasure to find yourself amongst some of the finest poets of the the world. Poems likeThe Outsider by Dr.Koshy AV, Somewhere in the Shadows by Hearther Wilkins/Burns, Roaming at Night by Mohammad Muzzammil Shah, Collbrative Poetry by D.Russel Minchhimer & Nalini Priyadarshni, Goal by Diwarkar Pokhriyal, Song of the Soul by Narinder Rai, Rollar Coaster by Shalini Samual, Volcano by Bilal Majid, Buddha by Rajender K Padi, Abena and Apparition by Charles Darnell are but a few exemples which take you along marvelling at the poet’s ingenuity and craftmanship. Poems are, soulful, catching, eloquent, heartwarming, objective and entertaining. I will be doing injustice to the book itself if I don’t mention the excellent prose works serving as dessert after sumptuous meal.
Of course I have to mention that my five poems and a short-story ‘The Saviour’ are also part of this anthology.
Thank you dear Muzzammil Shah.


  1. Rajendra Padhi
    September 28 at 6:50am

    True dear sir This is the unique collection of masterpieces in literature, wish that the works will go on enlightening mankind forever, an immortal anthology to teach and delight mankind.

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  2. Laxmanprasad Raamaanuj Ladiwala
    September 27 at 6:31pm

    Congratulation for having finest poems including collbrative poetry

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  3. Shalini Samuel
    September 27 at 6:05pm

    Wow nice to see the book... Would like to buy this some day :)

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