Saturday, 12 September 2015

Empowerment (Flash Fiction)

Empowerment (Flash Fiction)
Opening the bag he saw her face in the morning mist. She was an innocent sleeping new born.
"How can a mother be so cruel?  Such mothers should be banished from the society. They have so many options to avoid pregnancy now. He muttered but brought the baby indoors.

After sometime there was a creaking sound at the door. He saw his daughter Raajee standing there. He was surprised to find her at the door at an odd hour. He had come to know that she was in live-in-relationship in the city but never expected her without information. Looking towards the new born in the bag and then at his daughter, there was nothing left to understand much.

Twenty years ago, Raaaji was also abandoned by unknown unwed mother at his door. Some days later he had heard that one girl from nearby village had committed suicide.

The times have changed drastically since then. Women empowerment has made women strong, assertive and a fighter. They are no more timid, docile and submissive now. They are fighting for their rights to live with dignity and respect on their own terms.
He took out the new born from the bag only to put it in the lap of Raajee. The mist had cleared both from inside and outside.

All rights reserved/Tribhawan Kaul /190 words


  1. Syamala Vemuri
    September 13 at 12:04pm

    good one. I liked it.

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    A welcome change
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