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The Significant Anthology:- a beamer

The Significant Anthology:- a beamer
The Significant Anthology may not be significant to those who don’t understand word weaving into a tapestry of emotions with the emphasis on different rasas galvanizing one to take a literary trip to unknown./TK

“What is the significance of The Significant Anthology?”Some one asked me.
He continued. “Isn’t it yet another
anthology brought by a group on Facebook? The lure of getting published in a book made writers and poets to come together on a platform provided by this group called ‘The Rejected Stuff’.
“Do you understand the meaning of ‘significant’?” I asked
“Are you kidding me? Don’t you dodge the question” He said
“OK. Have you ever enjoyed reading prose and poetry?
“Yes, I have. Nothig unusual here”
“ Have you ?‘ OH HARK’?”
“Ah..that one...that is really a master piece. A master stroke from the pen of a genius.”
“Is that all?”
“ Nooo...the work itself speaks volumes. The expressiveness imbibed into each stanza, the casual & modern  but entertaining approach to serialisation of the story not seen since Paradise Lost.  OH Hark is capable of creating spellbinding effect and taking a reader along with this stunning and gripping poetic tale. It is really awesome leaving a lasting effect upon us”
“That is what I call ‘The Significant’”
“Yeah...yeaah...apart from this what is there.....the poetry....who understands poetry....who reads poetry......????”
“ Have you gone through the poetry section ?”
“ Yes, I admit. I flowed through the verses and flew on the wings of imagination finding solace and peace in the company of poetic excellence. My soul has been hungry  enough to enjoy the taste of the grub with an aroma of myriad thoughts leaving me spellbound.’
“That is what I call ‘The Significant’” I said.
“OK. I concede that point to you again. The poetry section presents a complete transformation from the routine stuff we are accustomed to read. Poems are based on varied themes with awesome poetic eloquence.”
“That is what I call ‘The Significant’
“Do you still feel that an ordinary reader will not enjoy the work of eminent/established/budding national and international writers and poets?”   I asked him.
“ . The works presented here is definitely simple yet subtle. The prose section, particularly the short-stories, presents the readers a treat for the mind and soul soaking the readers in universality and humanism which incidently is the main idea and ethos behind ‘The Rejected Stuff’ too.” I simply adored his observations as he continued with a zeal of boy graduating to higher class with a new book in his hand. “You know, entire anthology represents a wonderful union of intellectual power and creative energy.”
“ you agree that “The Significant Anthology” is indeed significant in many ways and has changed the meaning of ‘significant’ ”
“Yeah....but there is nothing unusual as publishers are minting money leaving the poor writers and poets high and dry with a small morsel of satisfaction that their work has seen the light of the day. What is significant about it?
“My dear, you are again mistaken. The significance of ‘The Significant Anthology’ alos lies in partaking the cause of autism by sharing the proceeds if profit is made. Isn’t that significant ?”
“ As Rajesh Joshi writes, quote “ This pathbreaking anthology is truely meant for Glogbal Citizens...unquote” Isn’t that significant ? “
“ As Reena Prasad writes, quote, “ we are all the richer for having heard the undertones of those tongues whisper to us in the elusive arc of poetry and writing- unquote”. Isn’t that significant ? “
“As AV Koshy writes. Quote:-The best thing about the anthology is that it stands for peace:- unquote. Isn’t that significant ?
“Yes...Yes....Yes.....My hands are up. I have understood the meaning of the word ‘SIGNIFICANT’ through the pages of ‘THE SIGNIFICANT ANTHOLOGY’
The book :- The Significant Anthology
Editors : Reena Prasad , Koshy A V & Michele Baron 
Publisher :- Morph Books
===================================by Tribhawan Kaul /10-09-2015


  1. A very relevant look at this anthology which is indeed a significant one for our times. Thank you Sir for the appreciation and for this blog post.
    -Reena Prasad

  2. This is indeed a wonderfully significant look at the anthology . Thanks a lot for your appreciation of oh Hark! I am honoured and humbled , sir

  3. Kalpana Shah
    September 10 at 11:04pm

    I agree with you. Significant Anthology is definitely significant. Each and every emotions are significantly intellectualized and published, without bending or mending poetic flow of words.

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  4. Kuchibhotla Sarada 10:57pm Sep 10
    Sir..this is fantastic.. Great answer for those who feel what is so significant about the Anthology.... Great way of handling the subject..
    Tribhawan Kaul 11:05pm Sep 10
    Thanks dear poet friend Kuchibhotla Sarada.:)

    Kuchibhotla Sarada
    Kuchibhotla Sarada 11:11pm Sep 10 more thing so significant about this Anthology is.. They have given the contributor's copy to each and everyone... Unlike other publishers who have not cared to give even an ecopy to the contributor..
    Tribhawan Kaul 11:14pm Sep 10
    I agree. However it was more fun to receive it through in Delhi where as my contributor's copy was received in Thane (Maharashtra) last week :)

    Kuchibhotla Sarada 11:17pm Sep 10
    Agreed in toto..I kept the contributor's copy and gifted the purchased one
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  5. Madan Gandhi 11:20pm Sep 10
    Brilliant classy significant write up on Significant Anthology. Thanks for the flavour of a master lit-critic.

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  6. Pramila Khadun 11:49pm Sep 10
    Very significantly interesting.

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  7. Sarala Ram Kamal 11:52pm Sep 10
    this is it "“ Yes, I admit. I flowed through the verses and flew on the wings of imagination finding solace and peace in the company of poetic excellence

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  8. Azam Siddiqui
    September 11 at 1:25pm

    My goodness what a debate and indeed SIGNIFICANT, i called it debate but ita superb

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  9. Rajesh Joshi
    September 11 at 6:34pm

    This is superb write by Tribhawan Kaul , who himself is a name to reckon with . Salaam bhai Saab !!

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  10. Haridas Shenoy
    September 12 at 7:52pm

    Great and best wishes for more such publications.

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  11. Sandra Martyres
    September 12 at 8:25pm

    Congrats Tribhawanji - another feather in your literary cap!
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  12. Golden Reejsinghani 5:50pm Sep 17
    lovely to see so many anthologies and poetry books too

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