Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Shame of the Sin

Shame of the Sin
Ashamed to be shamed
By cruelty and brutality
Perpetrated by RAPE
Sorry ! Sorry !
Not my offspring,
Such dishonor to bring,
As scriptures defined
Only seven sins
In the family
Why blacken me ?
Who is it then ?
An illegitimate son from
Malicious thoughts of modern man
Under the garb of famed Illiteracy,
Ill-gotten wealth, pornography or booze
Must be hanged till death, by the noose
Until then I shall remain ashamed.
Tribhawan Kaul/Children of Lost Gods


  1. via fb/TL
    Hardeep Sabharwal
    April 18 at 7:56pm
    Shwetabh Pathak
    April 18 at 8:31pm
    Yeah ! Very beautiful poem . I have read this poem in your book. Very nice poem ! These demons must be brutally murdered and hanged

    Olfa Philo
    April 18 at 9:23pm
    Definitely dear poet Tribhawan Kaul !
    Fatima Afshan
    April 18 at 9:25pm
    Very true
    Ramkishore Upadhyay
    April 18 at 10:23pm
    Really pathetic
    वसुधा कनुप्रिया
    April 18 at 10:43pm
    Yes.... must be hanged till death..... the poem is relevant even today....
    Rajeshwer Sharma
    April 18 at 11:10pm
    True. Sir

  2. Via fb/Petals -An English Creative Writing Group (Y.U.S.M.).
    Rita Thakur 8:24pm Apr 18
    Very nice poem !

  3. via fb/Purple Pen.
    Rajnee Ramdev 8:44pm Apr 18
    Very nice
    मुरारि पचलंगिया 8:44pm Apr 18
    त्वरित प्रतिक्रिया स्वरूप
    मानवता अब है कहाँ, दुष्टों का है राज ।
    कोई कुछ सुनता नहीं, बिगड रहे सब काज ।।
    वसुधा कनुप्रिया 8:44pm Apr 18
    Beautufully penned

  4. via fb/AAGMAN....Arrival of dreams.
    Neelam Sahu 8:53pm Apr 18
    Extremely thought provoking
    With deep undercurrent of pathos

  5. via fb/Poets, Artists Unplugged
    Sumera Qureshi 9:22pm Apr 18
    I'm sharing it if you allow!
    Manish Suthar 9:22pm Apr 18
    Under the garb of ... So nice
    Pimmi Nag 9:22pm Apr 18
    Sadly to see how things are...a beautiful write

  6. via fb/TL
    Pintu Mahakul
    April 19 at 1:10pm
    Cruelty and brutality always bring shame and this poem is really amazingly very thought provoking. We feel so sad if any bad act happens. We offer our prayer before God for peace and humanity.

  7. Via fb/TL
    Deepika Maheshwari
    April 20 at 7:58pm
    Sir I appreciated your poem.... Ye bilkul sach hai.... True!!! 😔😔


  8. Sandra Martyres
    April 25 at 4:29pm
    A pathetic state of affairs!
    -----------------------via fb/TL