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A Review “Journey of Love to Salvation”

A Review
“Journey of Love to Salvation” by Jagjit Singh Jandu (Jit )

“Love is of all passions the strongest, for it attacks simultaneously the head, the heart and the senses.”
— Lao Tzu

Love can be defined in various ways and when love intermingles with life, a natural symphony is created between the two. How and why  love affects a life cannot be explained yet love has induced the poets from time immemorial  to pen their feelings bringing alive longing, relationship, expectations, happiness, understanding and of course ultimate love –life relationships through beautiful and vibrant verses. Poet Jagjit Singh Jandhu (Jit)’ while pouring his soul, weaving a magic tapestry of words pronouncing love in its various forms page after page is set to make readers glue to his offering which seems to be a poetic treatise on love and life. “Journey of Love” or “Love for Soul’s Salvation” penned by the poet Jagjit Singh Jandu (Jit ), takes a reader in a boat of love traversing a river of intense emotions and creating an imagery with alluring charm.

Life & love are gifts
God bestows over souls
Never to move so swift
Enjoy the fare, avoid fouls ………………(From the poem ‘Life is to flow’ )

When felt in love
Moments danced pouring nectars
Eyes kidnapped you!.............................(Love’s fate)

The poet has treated his theme with great sensitivity speaking of beauty of love in one’s life in various dimensions. His poems encompass every shade of love  and  life providing  a thoughtful and insightful poetic interpretations. He wants to discover happiness through his pen while dwelling upon his passionate verses. He communicates with readers while treating them with some powerful, flowing, elegant verses with ease of a master wordsmith.

Silvery rays at a full moon night
Make the souls dance in delight
Sooths the souls to unite
Inhale ecstasy of love eternal…………………………..(Love is as one may find it )
The poet feels the life through passion of writing verse emphasizing role of love, compassion, spirituality in one’s life, In fact love is a bud which has blossomed into a flower of many colours through his poetic acumen. He also feels as if soul is imprisoned which can be released only when one becomes realized one.

The soul
Feels imprisoned into
A cage of instincts & desires
Love & hatred it acquires
It feels
Its knees buckled with
Aspirations and ambitions
Customs and traditions
-------------------------------------(The imprisoned soul)

Relationships matter to him. He has versified helplessness, estrangements, allurements, dreams, pains, promises, hopes, disappointments, ecstasy, insecurity, fear etc. thus spreading before a reader a buffet of emotions showcasing the command of the poet over his pet subject ‘love & life’. He knows that love is a potent weapon to mitigate the sufferings of human kind and usher a society of peace, love and brotherhood. The poet has succeeded in creating vivid imagery in each and every poem in which element of fusion between intellect and emotions can be visualized. Do check out this poem ‘ Love to soul’s salvation’ through ‘Stone Whispers’, ‘Blow on time on stone’ and ‘Salvation of stone’ The poem stands out for its content and its treatment.
Me! A little stone separated
from the father mountain!
Rolling down the stream,
Crying & praying for reunion
To enjoy love of the creator
The blows caused by time waves,
Shattered its being and
Broken it into pieces
But could not change
Its true nature!
Losing its egoist identity
Perhaps it’s the real route to
Step into palace of salvation
And sprinkle over the universe
Love of God’s amazing creation!!
It is to the credit of the poet that his keeps his conviction sprouting through words and let universality of his poetry speak on his behalf. I wish the poet many more such endeavors in future and may the world of poetry be enriched with his eloquent and mesmerizing poetry.
Tribhawan Kaul
Freelance writer-poet/India

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