Friday, 31 July 2015

Who is a Guru ?

Who is a Guru ?

Guru gyan bas dijiye, karke itna maan

Saamne jo maang raha, vh hai ek agyaan.

गुरु ज्ञान बस दीजीए, इतना करके मान

सामने जो मांग रहा, वह है एक अज्ञान .
सर्वाधिकार सुरक्षित/त्रिभवन कौल

Yes, the common man is fast becoming disenchanted with the 

present day definition of a guru. An expert in any field is now a 

days called guru. Management Guru, Property Guru, Ad. Guru, 

Fashion Guru etc.etc. The real relevance and the significance of

a Guru has been lost to the common man. Fake Gurus have also

cropped up. Religious preachers are also sometimes regarded as

Gurus but they remain preachers only each interpreting the

religious tenants in their own way.

 ‘Gu (गु)’ refers to darkness assuming the form of ignorance and

‘ru (रु)’ to the radiance in the form of spiritual knowledge,

which dispels this darkness. Thus the Guru is the one who

dispels the darkness of ignorance.

As per our shashtras, the Guru is a man of knowledge and

wisdom who is ready to impart and share his/her knowledge

with everyone through his/her teachings. That is why a school

teacher is also sometimes referred to as Guruji. Grukuls are/were

established to teach the basics of life. Yet there is great

difference between a teacher and a Guru.

A true and real Guru is the one who besides having  great

knowledge and wisdom is also an enlightened and a realised

soul. He/ She is the one who makes people to shed confusions,

frustrations and doubts and shows them the path through which

people start believing in themselves and the GOD. Such a Guru

leads people from darkness to the light, from ignorance to

awareness thus making them feel the presence  of that

omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient invisible force  called THE

GOD/ THE ISHWAR. He/she is the one who can lead anyone to

that supreme realisation provided one is ready to follow his/her

spiritual pursuits. Such Gurus sometimes establish their own

panth/faith/math and initiate those people who are willing to

accept their guidelines.

So people adore their habitats with a picture of such revered

Gurus and place them with other deities as they have full faith

that Gurus are the one who can lead them to mingle with that

Supreme One.

गुरु गोबिंद दोउ खड़े, काको लागूं पाय
बलिहारी गुरु आपणो, जिन गोबिन दियो दिखाए
Kabeer Amritvaani

Guru Gobind Dowoo Khade, Kake Lagon Paaye

Balihari Guru Apko, Jin Gobind Diyo Dikhaaye

Both the God and the Guru stand before me, to whom I should bow

I must praise my GURU and bow to him as he only showed me the 

path to know HIM.
Tribhawan kaul.


  1. Ved Khurana 11:29am Jul 31
    _/\_ गुरु पूर्णिमा की हजारों बधाई हो।

    via fb/ABAK

  2. Jai Krishna
    July 31 at 9:29pm

    Very nice article, nice the irony on management guru etc . Perhaps you forgot to mention " Love Gurus " they help youths come out from the darkness of solitude and find their love . Love is God at all !!

    via fb

  3. Babu Jul 31
    Guru Gobind Singh is an example of what Guru actually means.
    Guru dispels ignorance and creates light in the person.
    They are not many and cannot be also.
    Ramakrishna Paramhamsa; Saradha Deviji; Swami Vivekananda; Ramana Maharishi can be said to be Gurus.

    via verdurez

  4. VAS Jul 31
    Now a days in the name of Guru lot many people are looting&cheating the common people by exployting their ignorance.
    We can't see selfless Guru like what our Babu mentioned above.
    People like me don't believe any Guru and believe only those who believe us & love us from heart.

    via verdurez

  5. Hari1941 Jul 31
    Our first Guru is our mother. Subsequently we came in contact with many people and learnt things from them. We learnt a lot from nature. The Gurus in the school or college added to our knowledge.
    Presently if there are fake Gurus, there are fake chelas also. If it is difficult to find a real guru, it is equally difficult to find a real disciple.
    I think we named the supernatural power that governed our lives as God. Since we had no known face or model for God we made idols of things we were familiar with to represent God. The triables were familiar with animals so they selected the animal of their choice and started worshipping it. Some worshipped elephants, some cows, some birds and so on. As they evolved, they started giving human form to Gods as ideal and idol.
    Naturally some are more intelligent than others and they took upon themselves to explore and explain this supernatural power which was by then was known as God.Some of these guys were hones and earnest and some were cunning. But the desire to know the unknown stays and will stay and people will try to explore and explain it to the best of their realization.

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  6. Ramkishore Upadhyay
    July 31 at 10:46pm

    गुरु का अर्थ ही अंधकार हटाने वाला होता है ........

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  7. Tadala SN Murthy
    July 31 at 11:02pm

    Has to read more times leisurely. very interesting and a bold poem almost reflecting my views.

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  8. Jen Walls
    August 1 at 1:49am

    Wonderful light of love's giving Light. Joyful Guru Purnima _/\_

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