Wednesday, 19 November 2014

KASHMIR : a fire within

Kashmir: a fire within

Kashmir of our dreams
remains only a dream
subconscious playing games
it seems,
like a jigsaw puzzle
with no real solution in sight
feeling like a wandering kite
some materialize in reality
some not
our Kashmir dream has not
that is a pity.

Politics overriding our feelings
our leaders
wavering & dithering in dealings
none to blame but ourselves
we lost our own bearings.

Fanaticizing, not our cup of tea
route to violence abhorred
sacrificial lineage
never inherited such stuff
road to our dream seems always rough
walking through the serpentine roads
talks, discussions, elocutions of no use
ship drifting on slipped moorings
predicament continues.

When we lose
we lose
winner takes it all
but they won’t take our consciousness
supreme and tall.

Let saviour
be our language
guiding force be our cultural heritage
the legacy of our ancestral knowledge.

Under the trail of
those mutilated bodies and seething anger
keeping alive that spark in ashes
rise we shall like phoenix
for those at helm
to shudder.

Let us build  Kashmir of our dreams
wherever we are
whenever we can
we lost one
let us create ten.

All rights reserved/Children of Lost Gods/Tribhawan Kaul


  1. Vijay Varma Ajanabee 10:06pm Nov 19
    क्यों कहर बरसाया मेरे-कश्मीर में ??????????????????????? triple
    murder-(52) हे असली ख़ुदा सुन मेरी दास्ताँ - डरावनी,आन्ताकीत,सदमो , तकलीफ़ों ,- इन सबसे बचा मेरे कश्मीर को -क्यों कहर बरसाया मेरे-कश्मीर में

    via fb/RS

  2. Butterflies Oftime 8:44am Nov 20
    The true spirit rises- to reclaim a lost heaven. Amen to all you wished for Kashmir.

    via fb/RS

  3. savi0301Yesterday, 22:49
    Dear TK, the pain of leaving one's roots, within one's own motherland, for no fault of their, is a pain a deep suffering which can only be felt by the scarred heart.

    I wish and pray one day peace will prevail in this jannat on earth and people will return to their paradise.

    Lovely poem, thought provoking one

    via verdurez