Saturday, 19 August 2017

Trauma in "How To Prevent Rape and Molestation"

Year 2009. It was a contest for selection of poems to be included in a book authored by Late Dr. Aroona Reejsinghani. The contest was conducted by Authors Association of India (Redg.Trust), Mumbai  founded by producer/ writer/director late Kwaja Ahmad Abbas and headed by late Dr. Aroona Reejsinghani, its Chairperson. Two representative poems on the subject were selected out of fifty odd poems and one of the poems was mine. The book was ‘ How To Prevent Rape and Molestation’. The subject was relevant then as it is relevant now. I am reposting my poem here after a long time for those of my friends who have not read it earlier. Thanks. Happy reading.


She wakes up
Trembling, frightened, pale faced and humiliated
Day and night
When humans become inhumane
And  shame has no place to hide.

Hunted before the crowds
Molested behind the bushes
Raped in the moving cars
Relatives, friends, goons, terrorists or
By political czars.

Mentally mauled, physically abused
Everyone looks on but never rescued
Nightmarish moments never out of sight
Living dead or deadly living
Soul and body always in fright.

Tender age matters to none
Everything she dreams, is undone
In a flash, everyone jumps in
To encash
Her innocence, her trauma, her conscience
For five minutes of fame
Putting even THE GOD in shame.

All rights reserved/Tribhawan Kaul


  1. Manju Gulrajani 9:24pm Aug 19
    Rula diya
    -------------------via fb/ Max-meet Social

  2. Golden Reejsinghani
    Tribhawanji ya I had made the whole book designed the cover too. Seen it after a long time and all the poems were so nice by all contributing poets was nice to see
    August 19 at 11:10pm
    Vinay Singh
    that's so lovely indeed
    August 20 at 11:26am
    ----------------------via fb/TL

  3. via fb/The Poetry Society of India.
    Rajeshwer Sharma 7:28pm Aug 23
    Congratulations ,sir.
    Subject is quite relevant even at the moment as nothing changed.