Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Earth: First Mahapanchbuta

Earth: First Mahapanchbuta

I am the earth
a planet to dwell
producing  greenery & vegetation
sustaining all livings, everything
which is HIS creation.

I am earth
distinct from the earth
one of the mahapanchbutas*
grossest of all elements
an element of life
perishable and eternal
anitya and nitya
manifest in livings
in physical and subtle form
dwelling in senses
in perishable earthlings
everything that is solid
in nature and body
skin, bones, organs
solid, stable and heavy
permanent like the earth
boasting of density
and resistance
traits in living
to live till
dust meets dust
birth of an atom
I am earth

I am earth
non-perishable atom
ethereal and subtle
 I am
perishable once dead
yet not dead
disintegrating into atoms
souls or atman
in atom mould
or suspended conscience
metamorphosing in life form
to be earth again
like a flower dead
living again through seeds
all  spread over
completing the vicious cycle
I am earth
providing shape, solidity and prosperity
I am earth.
All rights reserved/Tribhawan Kaul
Mahapanchbuta : Five elements as described in Hindu philosophy.

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