Saturday, 18 March 2017

De novo

De novo
Too far yet visible
amber red sphere
getting submerged
etching, memories of the day
time lost and time gained.

Blue vast canvas
magician’s call
out of hat
rising fireball
a fresh start.

All rights reserved/Tribhawan Kaul


  1. Shelleyandra Kapil
    Radiant more than a diamond,
    Epitome of energy
    March 19 at 11:49am
    =====================FB/P & P

  2. नीलोफ़र नीलू
    Wooow...!!! So beautiful Tribhawan Kaul saheb😊💐👌
    March 19 at 2:16pm
    वसुधा कनुप्रिया
    Beautifully penned, Kaul Sir.
    March 19 at 6:45pm
    ----------------------via fb/PP

  3. Parupudi Satyavenkatavinodkumar
    What A way to start the Day..... Good Morning Tribhawan Jee......
    March 19 at 10:53am
    Sujit Mukherjee
    Wonderful, cute poem
    March 19 at 10:57am
    Dildar Dehlvi
    Beautiful Poetry
    March 19 at 11:02am
    Main Hoon Ali
    Rising fireball what a beautiful description of the God's vast morning painting
    March 19 at 11:16am
    Jai Krishna
    Beautiful !
    March 19 at 2:38pm
    Adv Dhirendra Srivastava Bipin
    Very nice
    March 20 at 10:08am
    ----------------------via fb/TL

  4. Kavita Khanna 12:09pm Mar 19
    Beautiful poem!!
    ------------------------------via fb

  5. Pratima Rakesh
    April 1 at 3:46am
    काश! काश कि ये फ़्रेश स्टार्ट हो पाता !
    --------------------------via fb/TL