Friday, 27 January 2017

A Date with.........?

A Date with.........?
Screech, bang, crash, living dead
Giant SUV turning turtle painting road red
Animals and creatures come in hordes
Ready to gulp bait, crocodiles at crossroad
Goose bumps appearing and disappearing
Out of line ants and deer falling
Snakes, trying to wriggle out
Lizards getting sudden bout
Angles and demons flying around
Cries and groans of dead abound
Banging of doors and clanging of bells
Shattering of silence frozen in hell
Sliding down a black hole
Please God ! Save my soul
Losing faith, breaking down
In my seat shrinking down
Wide eyed absorbing the brutal shock
“Is she alive ? Why wearing white frock?”
Want to scream and shout
Run run but bolted out
Dreadful chill through the spine
Someone whispers, “you are miiiiiine”
Sweat sprouts fountain like
Watching my ancestor holding the mic
 “Come out of stupor my poor child !
 Forget the damn accident and don’t rewind”
Frenzied activities slow the pace
My wife’s love only saving grace
Am I possessed ? No. Let me tell you fair and square
Just having another date with this stupid nightmare.

All rights reserved/Tribhawan Kaul


  1. Shelleyandra Kapil
    January 28 at 11:54pm
    Craze is on the top of the mind, Humanity is suffering the most of its kind, Values have gone astray in their minds, We shall have to think, otherwise, we shall lag behind......
    -----------------------------------------------via fb/TL

  2. Main Hoon Ali
    A nightmare not indeed but shriek of the soul.
    Unlike • Reply • 1 • January 29 at 12:57am
    ------------------------------------------via fb/TL

  3. Sandra Martyres
    A very vivid portrayal of life today in our crazy world Tribhawanji! Great write!
    January 29 at 9:14am
    ---------------------------------via fb/TL

  4. Gina Ancheta Agsaulio
    Picturesque <3 :)
    -----------------------via fb/TL

  5. Devesh Chandra Mishra
    Beautifully penned
    January 28 at 11:42pm
    -----------------------via fb/Pearls & Petals

  6. Jaya Singh
    Another beautiful creation sir. 😊 Lovely.
    January 29 at 12:17am
    -------------------------via fb/Pearls & Petals