Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Children of Lost Gods


Extended palms, seeking alms
sunken eyes, skeleton arms
jaundiced skin, frail frames
children of lost Gods.

Ragged and shabby, looking ravenous
searching morsels of food, trembling and nervous
fighting the odds, weak but courageous
children of lost Gods.

Here, there and everywhere
at crossroads and traffic signals
selling wares of rich and famous
or washing utensils, running errands
at the stalls, dabhas, small eateries
under the hot sun or the sand
picture this, view not so grand
children of lost Gods.

Urchins of all ages initiated
into the crimes of different hue
slowly but surely they age to their prime
getting black listed under who is who
death stalks them every now and then
making them prey on a sly
yet  survive
forcing death to give them a bye
children of lost Gods.

Sodomised, molested or getting raped
gender distinction is never made
the claws of mafia so strong
have no choice but to go along
children of lost Gods.

Acquiring  all vices
no savior  in sight, in time of crisis
abused and used
have no emotions of their own
ocean of tears not to be shown
children of lost Gods.

Their images haunt
future in them taunt
aware yet unawares
concern for them seldom we flaunt
children of lost Gods.

Oh God Almighty
help them find the lost Gods
free them from this bondage
now act and spare the rod
let them recover
lost childhood, innocence  and battered image
children of lost Gods
children of lost Gods.

All rights reserved/Tribhawan Kaul


  1. Ampat Koshy 9:11pm Oct 31
    Sir, poems like this make me depressed but please keep writing them.

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  2. Facebook
    To me Nov 2 at 6:47 PM
    Gopal Lahiri commented on a link you shared.
    Gopal wrote: "So much truth in it. Insightful and incisive."

  3. Babu
    Yesterday, 18:43
    Here, there, everywhere
    They roam and do errands
    They have no purpose in life
    They are children of lost Gods.

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  4. VAS Yesterday, 19:15
    My dear poet TK,
    Very touching and mind piercing poem.
    Every one of us can extend little help to these poor people who extend arms seeking alms.
    Help them,free them,recover them,educate them and be a living GOD to them.

    via verdurez

  5. Hari1941 Yesterday, 19:29
    This is one of your most touching poems. If you have watched 'Friends' on the TV, this character of Pheebe makes me think what a country she lives in. Mother an alcoholic, father untraceable twin sister uncaring. But she lives a life on her terms because the system does not ask her parentage, her social status. She does what she likes within law and lives a comfortable life. May be one day our Street Children or Children of lost Gods, or Children of lesser Gods wiil be in a position to live a better life.

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  6. savi Yesterday, 20:27
    A very heart touching poem dear TK,
    whenever i see such children on the street, the one thought which comes to my mind instantly is "what is their crime" dont they have a right to live a respectful life, a right to education, a right to have two full meals a day, they are brought into this world by their equally poor parents, for whom two hands begging for alms, is more worthy than one mouth to feed, they beg on the street, they work in hotels, restaurant, road side dhabas, for small small amount, few coins few rupees as alms, is that going to change their way of life
    no God is not lost dear TK, when I look at them I feel "humanity" is lost somehow somewhere......and I am sorry to say the numbers of such street children are on the rise day by day.

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  7. Ampat Koshy 9:02pm Nov 1
    ♥ your thoughts tribhawan ji

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  8. Kanchan Bhattacharya
    "A moving poem..."

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  9. Vinod Khanna 10:25pm Nov 10

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