Tuesday, 26 November 2013

An ode to 26/11/2008

 The day 26 November 2008 still lingers. On this day Mumbai (financial capital of India) was attacked by Pakistan based and supported terror organisations. Approx 164 were dead and 308 wounded. Resilience shown by Indian para-military forces and citizens was remarkable.

AN ODE TO 26/11/2008

I salute those
massacred at CST
martyred at TAJ
felled in the line of duty
facing military type attack
composure retained
inspite of barbaric brutality.

I salute
the brave commoner
saving lives, though horrified
the fire-fighter, the bravery personified
local policemen, who dared to fight back
seeking to pay back
the nanny who saved the child
when at Chabad,
terrorists had gone wild.

I salute
a widow watching her dreams shattered
“ India should survive,” she thought
“that is what most mattered.”

I salute
the day 26/11
withstanding the carnage
when everyone jumped in 
to limit the damage.

I salute
the never die spirit of Mumbaites
for resistance shown
making every effort to comfort
known or unknown.

Giving befitting reply to
sinister designs of Pakistan
India has always survived
because my country is known as
Bharat i.e Hindustan.
All rights reserved/Tribhawan Kaul


  1. (Via Poetfreak.com dated 26-11-2013)
    Sandra Martyres
    An indelible tragic memory in the minds of all those who live in Mumbai especially.. A fitting tribute to the victims and all those who lost their lives trying to protect us...

  2. (Via Poetfreak.com dated 26-11-2013)
    Sigh - - my heart leaps upto the victims.

  3. (Via Poetfreak.com dated 26-11-2013)
    nimal p. dunuhinga
    Great! When man sees a man?

  4. (Via Poetfreak.com dated 26-11-2013)
    A worthy Dedication Kaul ji! It is unfortunate that the weak & pacifist policies of our Govt. fails to rule out any future attacks of a similar nature in the future! Many of our brave soldiers & Officers are dying every month along along our Western boarder! We are giving posthumous awards to their widows during our Republic Day celebration! There is a lack of will & forceful action perhaps under US pressure!? The million dollar aids the American Govt. is providing to Pakistan is being used for terrorist activities against India! So why bother when something gets blown off in their country too!? Thanks for sharing, -Raj

  5. (Via Poemhunder.com)

    Pradip Chattopadhyay(11/27/2013 4:46:00 AM)

    one of the finest tributes to the most deserving, the citizens and soldiers of the nation.
    Valsa George(11/27/2013 12:19:00 AM)

    A timely tribute to the innocents massacred and the valiant who sacrificed their lives to lessen the intensity of the carnage! A black chapter in the lives of the people of Mumbai and the history of India! Yes, our country is a land of tolerance and with resilience, it has bounced back! Great write! !

  6. A sad but well-expressed and worthy tribute to all of our brothers and sisters for whom memories of this day shall always remain indelibly etched in their minds.