Wednesday, 10 February 2016

I am a Delhi Woman

I am a Delhi Woman
I am no more in cage
Flying with fire and rage
Freedom expresses my actions
No more tagging subjugation
I am a Delhi Woman.

Wombs no more silenced under duress
Moon, stars not afraid of the Sun’s ingress
Grace is the path I tread along with heart in motion
I love my body defining respect in HIS pet creation
I am a Delhi Woman.

Metro, DTC, autos make me explore and wander
Fashion, movies, hangouts craving rejoinders
Arrogant yet confident, feminine yet gritty in notion
Strong feel of self and I sail through men’s ocean
I am a Delhi Woman.

A real teacher Delhi and I am a learner
Tricks of the trade where soft is no tender
Poetry in stones of love, romance, passion
CP, GK, malls, wings of shopping imagination
I am a Delhi Woman.

Girl, wife, mother, I am embodied in these three
Empowerment, liberation writ large on my personality
Soaring high, I am adventurous with ambition
A Delhi woman creates opportunities for self with tradition
I am a Delhi Woman.

Determination personified,  holding fort,  I swing to top
Politics, corporate, sports, academic or crime fighting cop
Sky is vast and clear is my vision
I am a Delhi woman
I am a Delhi woman.

All rights reserved/Tribhawan Kaul

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