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Dewdrops Vol. IV Melodies of Love

The book 'Dewdrops Vol IV : Melodies of Love, written by Sh. Sujit Mukherjee, a well know poet of international repute was presented to Honourable The President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee by the poet. I feel honoured to be associated with the book as the 'Foreword' is written by yours truly. 


‘Small is beautiful’ a line from the poem ‘Raindrops’ aptly sums up the theme of Sujit Mukherjee’s latest offering “Dewdrops Vol.4 Melodies of Love” in the line of Dewdrops series. It is a great pleasure for a reader to let go with the flow of this astonishing poetry defining love in all its fineness/grandeur. The subtitle ‘Melodies of Love’ justifies itself as love is found in everything visual with its elegance, charm and latent music. Through lovely and insightful lines of “Melody of Love” it can only be surmised that love cannot be confined to a simple action of love making (How true !) as God has provided such a vast wealth of nature that the poet falls in love with everything that He has created on this planet. Universality of his poems does compel a reader’s attention and appreciation. The surroundings make the poet feel and goad him to love everything that is observed and absorbed. Seen through the lenses of heart, every ‘Dewdrop’ has been capable of arousing his feelings compelling him to versify.  The poetry in this book presents to us a cluster of bouquets imbibed with feelings finding expression through Sujit Mukherjee’s heart which takes a reader on the path of a wonderful poetic journey.

“ I paint with the paint brush of words
I paint
What I feel
What I see
What I visualize
I preserve my world
In my paintings
Painted with paint brush
Of my words……..     (My paintings)

Sujit Mukherjee is a poet who listens to his inner voice. He wants to converse in the language of heart. When he listens, the mysteries of life simply get automatically divulged and he finds great solace in his writings. He dwells in subjects which are seldom written about. His poems titled ‘Touch’ ‘Listen’ ‘Engine Driver’ ‘Waves’ ‘Fish’ ‘Twilight’ ‘Guitar’ ‘Celestial Joy’ are but a few examples of his poetic acumen, energy and insight.

I am a musical instrument
I am beautiful yet inert
You only make me come alive
With your touch you breath life in me….(Guitar)

The poet is keen to see, feel, listen and touch. He touches our heart through his verses as he tells us to listen to unfold the multidimensional aspects of our soul, unwind and be at peace.

“Mountains tell me
You have my strength
Waves tell me
You have my peace and calm
The Sun tells me
Shine like me
Go beyond yourself….” (I Listen)

The poet has viewed the life as an experience through emotions, imagery, subtle beauty, nostalgia etc. which is evidenced when I read his poems after poems. At times a poem evokes a response like wow, ah, wonderful and one marvels at the beautiful penning of a thoughts. The poet has brought forth a new idea with each poem and he has deftly dealt with its concept with brevity yet spreading a  vast canvass of imagery before his readers that poems deserve to be called ‘ Dewdrops’

“ You are eternal
You are pure
You are real
You are truth
Absorb me in you
Let me reflect your glow”  (A Prayer)

“On a star studded night
You and I met
I looked at your oceanic eyes
Your enchanting face
I saw the stars glittering in your skin
Sky felt jealous
When we kissed ( Sky Blushed)
“…..Formosa flower is in full bloom now
Its big and small meighbour cast their
Envious eyes……” (Formosa)

‘Dewdrops: Melodies of Love’  is like a stream of water which charts it own course and ultimately landing in the lap of ocean of poetic excellence.
The poet has neither stuck to traditional poetry nor adheres to tenets of poetry which I call academic poetry. He simply lets go his pen with profound thoughts through short but excellent poetry finding triggers in his own backyard, his surroundings, nature or during his travels. The poet is philosophical about love which brings him joy and gives him the wings to fly over, watch and interpret HIS creations.

I can simply applaud Sujit Mukherjee for giving such a sumptuous poetic treat to satiate our poetic hunger in the form of Dewdrops Melody of Love. My best wishes is always with him. Happy reading.

Tribhawan Kaul
Freelance writer-poet/India
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Book : Dewdrops Vol. IV Melodies of Love
Publisher :- Konark Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
            New Delhi/ Seattle
Price:- Rs.750/= (in India). or $20 

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