Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Refreshing Writes : a collection of poems and short-stories by Tribhawan Kaul

The book is available on www.amazon.in at the following link :-


Here is what Dr. Ampat Koshy has to say about my book :-

Tribhawan Kaulji has spread before us an appetizing
buffet of his poems, some thoughts and explanations that
are like snacks, and a few short stories. He writes on a
wide variety of topics and reading his book in entirety is
to touch a human soul of nobility in all its purity. He is
typically and unashamedly Indian in his use of language
and his content. His sense of humour and some of his
nano poems, his sympathy for the women and the
downtrodden and his autobiographical insights about
Kashmir are all noteworthy. He also loves his fellow
poets. A lovely poem deals with the phenomenon of the
Indian wife. However, I liked his short stories much
better than his poems as they are bursting with life with
very interesting characters, showing his ability to present
and preserve many facets of the ever-changing life around
us. His patriotism is also lovable. This book is, finally,
worth reading as a memorable record of a thinking man’s
struggles to become a good writer in English while his
mother tongue is Kashmiri/ Hindi. Everyone will enjoy
the images, the sound in some of the poems and the plots
at the end of the collection.
Dr. A.V. Koshy
critic,poet, fiction writer, dramatist, social innovator, teacher &editor


  1. Dear Mr. Kaul ,
    Heartiest congratulations on yet another achievement. You are an inspiration for those who want to pursue their interests in their silver years ! I do hope we will have the opportunity of having you over at one of our Friday Group meetings whenever you are in Delhi next.

    via e-mail

  2. Sujit Mukherjee
    October 24 at 3:36pm

    I read each of your poems from your new and refreshing collections of poems . Your poetic canvas is deep and wide , you bring life to everyday incidences with your superb poetic expressions . You are a natural poet thus you could capture poetry from the nature , relationship s ,society and family . Your innovative nano poetry is indeed a new genre , very sweet very interesting. Keep writing wonderful verse .
    via fb

  3. Via facebook September 2016
    Anil Sahai on Facebook
    To Tribhawan Kaul Sep 11 at 8:41 PM

    Anil wrote: "The book 'Refreshing writes' comprising Poems and short Stories was gifted to me by my friend Tribhawan Kaul recently. Writing has been his hobby and this book is a culmination of his life long dream which he could only peruse after retirement. The effort he has taken for this book is worth mentioning and makes one realise that nothing is impossible if one is passionate for what they want to achieve. Poems and stories in this book have a human touch and are loveable to read. I wish him all the best in his new adventures. I know he has a long and fulfilling road ahead of him..."