Monday, 20 April 2015

Soul Searching by Peace

Soul Searching by Peace

Standing before the mirror gazing self
twin one croons,
“history of wars, fights, skirmishes
have already taken toll of you
terrorism of every dimension
now becoming sin number eight
what is to expect now from you ?”
It questions simple and straight.

“Sometimes you are scarred
Sometimes you are battered
Sometimes you are crossed
Sometimes you are martyred.

“Are you dead ?
Nay, I dread
you are not yet,”
whispers my mirrored friend.

“eighth sin has no place
war has no grace
let more sunshine be there
for everyone and everywhere
undoing mean human mentality
let darkness not prevail
blinding us till eternity.”

“Rise, rise, rise once again
show your prowess
hold tightly drooping reins
 peace, humility and harmony breeds
great civilizations
don’t dump into dustbins
God’s own beautiful creations.”

“Alias love, compassion and brotherhood
you can’t be dead
wake up and change the mindset
for the sake of entire humanity
 make violence to shed violence
apartheid to shed bias
states to terminate conflicting ways
with false vanity
and embrace you
with heart and soul
global peace be only your goal.”

Could withstand no more
allowed it to merge in mine
my conscience ready to take on
all the violent ways head on
for peace and harmony.
All rights reserved/Tribhawan Kaul


  1. Aparna Pathak 6:10pm Apr 20
    via fb/PC

  2. Parul Rastogi 5:40pm Apr 20
    Very well composed
    via fb/PC

  3. Kumar Dvinod 5:37pm Apr 20
    Beautifully expressed poem sir


  4. Santosh Bakaya this is wonderfullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll! Take a bow.

    via fb/RS/20-04-2015

  5. Pramila Khadun Well done.
    via fb/RS 20-04-2015