Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Tamasha (The show)

TAMASHA ( The show)

Standing at a crossroads
looking for her would be
from another caste
he came wearing a hooded cape
shot her point blank
and escaped
stunned onlookers
left aghast.

The police searched motives
fought over jurisdiction
but arrived at conclusion,
“ the deed was lover’s envy
it was open and shut case
she was done to death due to jealousy.”

So her lover was caught
Who denied the charge
media thundered,” why such haste ?”
And wrote stories not in good taste.

Political connections were sought
every Sohan, Mohan and Devi fought
though there was no coup
the police was put in soup
media smelt a scoop.

Investigations followed
local police to CID* and to CBI*
questions were raised in assembly
creating din at center
hue and cry in the city
some suggested ‘RAW’*
what a pity ?

Political fallout was great
putting in turmoil every state
demos, rampage and destruction
hartal#, rioting and arson
taking heavy toll
with no rhyme or reason.

Several were dead
numerous maimed
a few tried to surrender
but shot in encounter
and all this for
just for one murder !


Ps :
after six months of lull
a man caught
in a cheating case
owned responsibility
having killed her
All rights reserved/Tribhawan Kaul
* Secret service agencies of India
 # Strike


  1. Mrittika Das So true.

    (via facebook)

  2. Driftwood Ashore Sad and senseless loss! Life can be so random at times.

    (via Poets, artists unplugged/FB)

  3. Narendra Rai Beautifully expressed the whole Tamasha ....

    (via facebook)

  4. Rizwan Saleem Extremely well put into verse..

    (via Poets, artists unplugged/FB)

  5. Hari1941 3 hours ago
    Nice one. I wonder where were those candle lights bearers!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. VAS 2 hours ago
    My dear international poet,
    What a mind blowing and mind opening poem.
    Such Tamasha's happening all over India and several innocent people lost their valuable life due to mistaken identity.
    Pity is police to join hands knowingly at times.
    (via )