Monday, 26 August 2013

The Resolve

Quote “Mumbai Gang Rape Survivor Wants To Get Back To Work, Insists That 'Rape Is Not The End Of Life' “ Unquote. My salute to her.

The resolve
You wretched human dogs
Have a hearty laugh
Lying over the top
Perverted act has not broken the resolve
Likes of you are not deserved to be called
Human !
Not even dogs ?
But sub-humans
With extra- perverted mind
Mind you; you may or not, pay
I won’t pay for the act insane
Neither my courage will drain
I am now ready to train
My guns again
Doesn’t life exist after tsunami ?
Ravaging  rains dare not stop
Rainbows to appear
Besmirching, stigma, indignity
I am ready to bear.
Cowing down
Thing of the past, now
Humanity may be aghast
But I am not
The life I start de-novo
Which in your dreams
You could never have thought.
All rights reserved/Tribhawan Kaul


  1. Comments received via Facebook

    Shubhra Tandon Humanity may be aghast
    But I am not
    The life I start de-novo
    Which in your dreams
    You could never have thought....
    *hats off*
    Jane Lynahan Karklin Wow!!! I agree with your every word, Tribhawan!

    Nalini Priyadarshni bravo

    Ramesh Rai thank you so much sir for tagging . well done n a praiseworthy.

    Jagjit Jit Very befitting strike on the insensitive system ... shame on such men's devil acts...

    Jun Jun Fernandez They,,don't have the right to live in this world...
    Yaseen Anwer Sslute

    Indira Babbellapati Positive n instilling confidence...
    Ampat Koshy Good poem.

  2. Comments received via poetfreak

    seema chowdhury
    Bravo !!! We must all support. This is one of those bitter realities that we don't even wish for our enemies.
    Thanks Kaul ji for this composition. For the third time I am commenting about this subject on this site! Such incidence will continue, & we will continue to write, burn candles, and comment! No Sir, it is not the Police Force I blame, - but the lack of proper deterrent punishment under this weak-minded UPA Govt.!! Our solders on the Wester front will continue to get killed, and the Chinese will continue their intrusion! We will only talk & discuss on the TV Channels as a weak & impotent Nation! Food Bill is important to gain votes for the coming General Elections! In Muslim countries they cut off your hand for theft, & stone you to death for adultery! The trial on that December rape case is still going on! Where is the HANGING, where is the firm Resolve???? We want Bhagat Sing to rise & were applicable to shoot at site!
    Sandra Martyres
    Thanks for this strong write on a subject that has left us all devastated and she'll-shocked!
    Beautiful, power-packed poem, Sir.

  3. Comments received via facebook

    Payal Pasha commented on your photo.
    Payal wrote: "beautiful and brave verses... speaking from the victim's mind!"
    Dolly Zutshi Singhal commented on your photo.
    Dolly wrote: "why should she pay for the heinous crime of pervert deamons? Yes...start your life with a bang, once again!!!!!!"
    Saroj Khan commented on your photo.
    Saroj wrote: "needs shoot at site or to be hang these notorious because these fellows are not fit for family or for country."

  4. Comments via facebook/Poetry Society of India

    Vinod Khanna 11:14pm Aug 29
    A poet being a sensitive individual, suffers immense pain when such incidents happen.In his ‘The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State’ Friedrich Angels delineates three stages in the evolution of civilized society viz. Savagery, Barbarism and Civilization. The three pillars of Civilization i.e. Liberty, Equality and Fraternity have always been under attack from those who are still brimming with the baser instincts of savagery and barbarism.All the laws in the statute books have failed the victims of violence perpetrated upon them by such beasts. Once these laws are competent enough to deal with the every-day violence in the chawls and by-lanes of cities and are effectively able to rein in the street toughs, extortionists, kidnappers, rapists and goondas, this creed of ‘Might is right’ may get relegated to the background.Then only we may be free in the real sense.(Sorry for my long winding emotional reaction.)

  5. Valsa George(8/28/2013 9:09:00 AM)
    Perversion has been there from the beginning of human history! But now it has escalated as never before! We are appalled by stories of gang rape one after the other! Usually the victims languish in despair and dejection! But here is one who like a phoenix has emerged from the ashes with a resolve to face life with courage and resilience! A poem that will help people of such bitter experiences to think that all is not lost! Great write! !


  6. Pradip Chattopadhyay(8/27/2013 5:30:00 AM)
    dogs are certainly better, they do only consensual breeding!