Friday, 23 August 2013



IT tried to awaken, I kept sleeping
Jolted out of slumber, I kept brooding.

IT spoke, I became deaf
IT tried to reason, I admired self

IT asked me to pray, I became dumb
IT goaded me to act, I felt numb.

IT showed me a path, I created deviation
IT pointed my faults, I made my decision.

IT even caught my finger, pointing destination
Got totally lost in the labyrinth of emotions.

IT made me aware of omnipresent vice
Yet I managed to acquire , at a heavy price.

IT monitored my actions, issuing warnings
I simply ignored for worldly yearning.

Awakened ! Now what is the use
Couldn’t see the truth, behind every ruse.

Life is like that, what matters more
Seek IT honestly, IT opens the door.

Copyright/Children of Lost Gods/2013/Tribhawan Kaul


  1. Via facebook

    Jen Walls Wonderful dear Tribhawan!
    Jagjit Jit Beautiful write

  2. Ravindra Dua

    Dear Sir,
    I have read "SEEK WITHIN" & liked it very much. It touched me very deeply.

    Vicky Dua
    (via e-mail dt.08-09-2013)

  3. truly u said,,,,,,life is like that.......thanks for sharing such inspirational thoughts in plain simple words..........

  4. Thank you friends/nears & dears for visiting the page and appreciating the poem.
    Tribhawan Kaul