Saturday, 5 March 2016


Emptiness in me creates spirituality

beyond the realm of physical entity

creating a space, for my vibrations

breaching vastness of space and distance

reaching out to my beloved

I so cherish to mingle with

an invisible binding force

eternal and never perishable

thriving in my body

when I create a sound ‘AUM’

humbled I feel

as I become sound and distance both.

Sound in space, piggy back distance

distance, carrier of the sound

a link between Atman* and HIM**

and between

jeevatama # and Paramatma ##,

I become aakassh, the sky

so eternal, ethereal and so subtle,

the sound that invokes me spiritually

through vibrations travelling to universe

pushing me nearest to my beloved

uplifting and mingling with Paramatma##

showing me the path

the highest and the brightest

giving an spiritual experience

in luminous emptiness

through the cavities working wonders

while feeling the presence of

only THE ONE, my beloved.
All rights reserved/Tribhawan Kaul

*Atman=Self. ** HIM= God, #‎Jeevatama = Individual Soul

## Pramatama=Cosmic Soul/Consciousness/Supreme Being

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  1. Perveiz Ali Very nice
    April 6 at 10:22pm
    Ramkishore Upadhyay
    very spiritual ...nice one
    April 6 at 10:58pm
    Shwetabh Pathak
    Fantastic One ! Spiritualism on its par ! Very nicely depicted the relationship of Atama and parmatma with AUM !
    April 6 at 11:21pm
    Pushp Lata
    very nice
    April 7 at 11:23am
    All via fb/Pear & Petals