Tuesday, 8 March 2016

A Grandmother (On International Women's Day)

On International Women's Day

A Grandmother
Wearing the barked face, she searches for her eyes
to read her destiny written somewhere on the wall
invisible from her.
Creates ripples of laughter sans dentures
she is not the one, to mind
like a banyan tree, she stands tall
to give shelter to each and every kind.
Branches broken, leaves blown away
yet happy is she
as seeds grow and transmigrate
into flowers and fruit laden trees.
Though beyond her reach now, far away.
like a banyan tree, she still stands
weathering the storms of the time
providing shades to guests to take rest
and to enjoy in her nest from time to time.
Cruel is the time but she has seen the worst
will power sustains her mind and soul
not the body though,
now lives with anxiety and agony
time not far off to wear new clothes
and to say good bye to her uncaring progeny.
Soon she will also feel the heat like that banyan tree
from the builders, land mafias
and insensitive rascals of her own
bulldozing the very roots of hers
not waiting for her natural nirvana
only to reap the benefits.

All rights reserved/Tribhawan Kaul


  1. Jen Walls
    Deep and powerful poem. Thank you!
    Sujit Mukherjee
    Xaara Shaikh
    This is Superb!!
    Jai Krishna
    Power !
    A vigorous poem !
    via fb/Poetry Society of India 08 March 2016

  2. Pramila Khadun
    March 9 at 1:47am
    Sonika Niti Ahuja
    March 8 at 10:37pm
    Beautiful !!!
    -------------------------via fb TL

  3. Indu Gupta
    ------------------------March 8 at 10:56am
    Indrajit Ghoshal
    khub hai sir
    Kuldeep Makkar
    ..............March 09 at 6:53pm via fb/Kaffia

  4. वसुधा कनुप्रिया
    --------- March 09 via fb/PP