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The Significan Anthology

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Ampat Koshy       
Ampat Koshy        9:45am Feb 26
Born in J & K State of India on 01-01-1946, I am a bilingual freelance published writer-poet. My Poems & Short-stories have since been published in:- How to Prevent Rape & Molestation/2010, Bhelpuri/2013, Inklinks/2013, In Our Own Words/2013, Acerbic Anthology/2013, Wordsmiths in Their Verse/2013. Lamhe/2013, Poems From Third World/2014, Safina/2014, Mandela Tributes/2014. Intercontinental Anthology of Poetry for Peace/2014, Kavyashalla/2015, World Anthology of Poems on Global Harmony and Peace/2015 & e-magazines besides on various poetic and social websites viz Qpeka, Verdurez, Tumbhi etc. Some more anthologies are in the pipe-line. My own published works include an anthology of English poems ‘Children of Lost Gods’(2013) and three books in Hindi language viz Nane Muno Ke Rupak (1959), Sab-Rang (2010), Mann Ki Tarang (2012). My poems are basically a journey to the kingdom of poetry through the inspiring feelings absorbed and observed of the happenings within my country, around me and in the world giving wings to my creative imagination. Whether my poems are subjective or objective, direct or indirect, simple or complicated do not concern me so long as a poem gives my readers the desired thought-provoking entertainment. I have always maintained that writing makes one a complete human being, as it brings out the true person behind the physical facade, besides having a calming effect on the writer in particular and readers in general.
Tribhawan Kaul
Freelance writer-poet/India

Out of shell, fully hatched empty handed
propitiating goodness; robe pinkish spotless.
Black spots commence controlling the crown
directing body to crave for pleasures mean
senses turning to cranking franking machine
eyes , ogling at shapes of colour balloons
each dustbin desires for more boons
anger management untaught in schools
pulling legs & rugs becoming norms
couch potatoes celebrating loss of form
looking down upon others for self pride,
cues that likes of Alexander, The Great
too came out of shell empty handed
and went away; the same way, goes waste.
Kill kill kill. Be the hunter not the hunted.
Kill kill kill. The satanic senses within you.
Let flower of anti-desire bloom
spreading its fragrance granting boon,
“be a homely saint not for unworthy worldly gains”.
-----------------------------------------------All rights reserved/Tribhawan Kaul

His work showcased in the anthology is called THE PRESENT.

The Significant Anthology

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Our SEVENTEENTH RESPECTED CONTRIBUTOR: TRIBHAWAN KAUL Born in J & K State of India on 01-01-1946,...


  1. Binod Bastola Joshi 9:53am Feb 26
    Tribhawan Kaul ji
    You rock!
    Nice to know you ..

  2. Reena Prasad 11:41am Feb 26
    Tribhawan Kaul Ji Very honoured to have your wisdom and words as part of RS and in the anthology. A complete human being is exactly how you come through in your writings. Wishing you all the best Sir. :) A lovely poem indeed.

  3. Pramila Khadun 12:20pm Feb 26
    Gives a lovely feeling reading your poetry Tribhawan.I am so proud to be connected with great poets like you and your charming personality does add spice to your poetry which belong to all ages.Wish you all the best for future projects.God Bless.

  4. Lagna Pany 7:23am Feb 28
    Wow! Sir, Kashmir has been the birth of some very real talents! You are an evidence of it. It's an honour to know you sir. Congratulations sir

  5. Ramesh Rai 8:03pm Feb 28
    Congratulations Sir. Still remembering our last meeting.

  6. Gina Ancheta Agsaulio 1:18pm Feb 26
    The wisemen says, be the hunter not be the hunted, sneaks quietly with paw and unnoticed approach your booty. Absolutely right Tribhawan Kaul..Welcome and nice to have you in the Group. Congratulations and God Bless :)

  7. Ambika Prasad Mahapatra 1:28pm Feb 26
    TribhawanKaulji. You are from the land of poetry and love. No wonder your every creation validates the essence of humanity n love through poems n stories. Your ability to weave magic of your creativity over multiple languages makes you a real genius. Great to know about your views on social issues like rape n molestation. The fact that your single minded focus is to generate thought provoking entertainment for the only stakeholders who should matter, the readers, shows your connect n sensitivity towards your readers. We are lucky to have you in RS group. Looking foward to many more priceless gifts from you. Thanks a lot Ampat for the lovely intro for a powerhouse of talent.