Thursday, 10 July 2014


Unlimited sufferings and miseries
Taking shelter in this abode
Helplessness fighting
Tooth and nail with despondency
Not easy to gauge
The depth of patient’s emotions when
The life takes an escape route
From the clutches of death often.
A new world it is
Boasting of to- letting pain
Hung between hope and despair
A winner takes it all
and smiles
Loser might have blessed the Death
for end of one’s misery.
All rights reserved/Tribhawan Kaul

हॉस्पिटल !

बेपन्हा कष्टों और दुखों को देखा है मैंने
हस्पतालों में आसरा लेते हुए
लाचारी की भी हिम्मत देखी है मैंने
निराशाओं से टक्कर लेते हुए
आंसन नहीं रोगियों की मनोबल को समझना
जिन्दगी को
 भी देखा है मैंने
मौत के चंगुल से निकलते हुए.

एक नई दुनिया है यह , अपने में हर दर्द समेटे हुए
आशा निराशा में हर कोई त्रिशंकु बने हुए
जो जीत जाये यहाँबस वह मुस्कुरा देता है
जो I गया ,वह मौत को दुआ देता है.
सर्वाधिकार सुरक्षित / त्रिभुवन कौल
Behpanah Kashton aur dukhon ko dekha hain maine
Aspatalon mein aasra lete hue
Laachari kee bhi himat dekhi hai maine
Nirashaon se takkar lete hue
Aasaan nahi rogiyon kaa manobal samjhna
Zindgi ko bhi dekha hai
Maut ke chungal se nikalte hue

Ek nayi duniya hai yeh, apne mein har dard samete hue
Aasha niraasha mein har koyi trishanku bane hue
Jo jeet jaye yahan, bas vh muskura deta hai
Jo haar gaya wh maut ko dua deta hai.
All rights reserved/Tribhawan Kaul
Note:- the poem in hindi has been published in my book Mann Kee Tarang (2012) and Safina , an anthology (2014)


  1. Poem: 39522144 - Hospital
    Member: Valsa George
    Comment: A hospital is a place where life and death hang in a balance.... For many it is a place to get a new start in life., yet for another group it is the final terminus.. Vividly pictured the agony of hospital life!
    Poem: 39522144 - Hospital
    Member: Neela Nath
    Comment: A beautiful poem...........
    Poem: 39522144 - Hospital
    Member: Gajanan Mishra
    Comment: take all and smile, very fine writing, I like it.
    Poem: 39522144 - Hospital
    Member: Geetha Jayakumar
    Comment: Beautiful way you have portrayed the picture of patient and hospital. The concluding lines are beautiful.. Winner takes it all, while looser is blessed with death freed from pain thereafter..poets notes indicate poets mother is the winner, who came with all the smiles. Yes, those who are waiting outside ICU too suffers a lot...loved the way you portrayed it.
    Poem: 39522144 - Hospital
    Member: Gangadharan Nair Pulingat
    Comment: The poet in his spirit and love to the suffering people says the different sufferings in hospitals to the patients and it is very nicely said. In fact hospitals are a place where the humanbeing becomes helpless sometimes and sees the suffering and hardships and even death. The poet sees the thing in its correctness and beautiful expressions of truth which he is capable of through his words and made the poem.

  2. :) Love it Sir. Beautifully said.!
    by Mahesh Hegde
    by Seema Chowdhury
    Kaul ji, your recent experience has created this grand reflective poetry today ! I had been in Poona's Army Hospital's Ortho. Ward for six months having undergone a major operation of my right tibia head after a scooter accident at Nagpur! Wrote a few poems there too! My wife has undergone two major operations at the RR Hospital here in Delhi for the vericose veins on both the legs ! I am very familiar with these hospital cases and ICU, in full sympathy with you ! Sitting at the Lodhi Road Cemetery after the cremation of my mother, I had pondered on the ultimate futility of all existence itself!! But then Life goes on and we remain blessed, since we get this precious Life only Once, since I do not believe in rebirths! Thanks for sharing & best wishes for your Mother too! Take care, -Raj
    by RAJ NANDY

  3. in Poets Corner.
    Nazre Imam 12:53am Jul 12
    Superb.. its soo good. Luvd it
    Aparna Pathak 9:26pm Jul 11
    I can very well relate this one with your recent experience in hospital. .hope things are.much better now. Best wishes .
    Vinay Kumar 9:20pm Jul 11
    Very nice

  4. Pramila Khadun 9:38pm Jul 11
    Very deep in meaning.Love this poem.
    in The heart of the global poets , a workshop and a publishing platform ..
    Heather Burns 6:43am Jul 12
    a good description of the hospital nice writing

  5. in Musings.
    Hasmukh Mehta 8:01am Jul 12
    Very nice sir.. wait for your active participation.....
    The water must flow
    Even without direction to go
    It is life like nature
    We need to make it sure

    Yes life is full of pain and losses
    Still we need to think and suppose
    Spring and autumn are very much part
    When they depart, the monsoon can start

    No one is immune
    We got to dance as per tune
    Almighty is graceful enough
    He has yardstick to make you laugh

  6. Charu Dev
    Abs true Tribhawanji, Hospital is place where all.feelins, all shades and colors of life can seen everwhere and everymoments. One is blooming with happiness at one coener of any ward,simaltaneoualy another one is trying hard to control his emptions.....we can get actual meaning of life here only.
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  7. Neha R. Krishna 1:03am Jul 13

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  8. Shubhra Tandon 12:22am Jul 17
    The depth of patient's......cluthes of death often.
    Loved these lines sir :)
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  9. Mandal Bijoy Beg 6:15pm Jul 12
    Love it too!
    Shaista Irshad 4:01pm Jul 13
    That is deep n profound :)
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  10. Cynthia Buhain-Baello 3:16pm Jul 19
    So true and tragic, hospitals drain energy, money, and will to live (y)
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  11. Payal Agarwal 12:50pm Jul 20
    N it actually takes a winner to come back smiling n to live thru it all.. Can relate to it so much.. Thanks for sharing.!

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