Friday, 13 June 2014


Note for my wife:- Kindly don’t take umbrage as it is only a metaphorical write and not at all about you.

A tear in her eyes makes  me wonder
a chance for patch up did I squander ?

Never to complain..she, but questioning a lot
neither liked the questions nor liked the thought.

Life gets topsy- turvy, grilling when starts
anywhere,  anytime, at home or at city mart.

when, where, why, how, who and what
inquisitor  testing always your guts.

No chance for atonement
Words  coined  for harassment ?

Wish these could be wished away
But no
Entire life hinges on these
Try taking them away.
All rights reserved/Tribhawan Kaul


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    Babu Yesterday,
    Well said, TK..........

    With a note to your wife you have already given her a rope. Women are good at reading between the line. They are good at bringing up long forgotten episodes. They may not remember the name of your immediate relation but they will remember the day and time when you allegedly ignored her or hurt her. God has been very biased.

    Men also nag a lot...especially after retirement. They feel that they are not given importance any more.
    Many things in the family are not done without nagging. Nagging is a great motivator! Socrates would not have become a great philosopher without his wife's nagging!

    nice short poem TK, yes Syamala its a myth that women are nagging but the truth is any person with lot of insecurity takes to nagging, men carrying office workload tension of business nag wife and children, women nag children and husband when she finds no one listens to her, yet there are some people who have the habit of nagging....nagging is when one tells or asks something to be done repeatedly and the other not listening to one likes nagger and again when i tried to look at the dictionary the meaning of nagger (to know if its correct) it said someone (especially a woman) who annoys people by constantly finding fault......i wonder did the dictionaries of the world are written by men only.......ha ha ha do i sound like a NAGGER(finding fault with dictionary!!!)

    My dear international poet TK,
    I could see your shivering while writing poem on nagging!!!...
    As usual a good poem on nagging,pinching,punching!!!...
    Syamala you are always right men try to nag after retirement but retreat else has to face the threat/beat!!!...
    Is correcting is taken as finding fault???.
    Savi, gone are the days of men/MIL domination!!!..

    Beauty of a poem lies when it throws different meaning other than the poet intends to. I highly appreciate the views bordering wit and humour of my esteemed friends Babu, Hari, Syamala, Savi and VAS. Primafacie it seems all about a wife but think of one's conscience and replace it with wife, I think the poem will look different to everyone. If I am wrong, please let me know. Syamala says above that Nagging is a great motivator. I fully agree with her.

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    Tribhawan Kaul :- I hope my wife does not take umbrage as this metaphorical write is not at all about her
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    Vinod Khanna Tribhuvan ji-
    your comments puts a naughty phrase in my head-'Chore ki darhi mein tinka'- all in lighter vein.

    Tribhawan Kaul Ha, ha ha ha. Well said Vinod Khanna JI. yes I have a tinka in my dadi. My beloved ' CONSCIENCE'...that is what I was thinking when I wrote this poem.

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    Yaseen Anwer
    simply beautiful
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    Hansraj Sharma
    Very good suggestion Triwhawan Tribhawan Kaul.
    Yesterday at 8:43am

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  5. Hasmukh Mehta 9:25am Jul 12
    Never say for never, it is always ever, forever and sure, it is our future
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