Friday, 7 June 2013

Who am I ?

I was born in a Kashmiri Pandit/hindu family in Srinagar, capital of Jammu & Kashmir in India on 1st January,1946. I spent the early phase of my childhood  in Srinagar till the age of seven and then migrated to Delhi with my parents. However visiting my native place often, to be with  its breathtaking natural scenic beauty, its rivers, temples, mosques etc.  sustained my love towards my birthplace. I befriended Jhelum, the river, for learning to flow constantly without stagnating, I prayed in the lap of temples and visited mosques  believing in two different faiths enriching brotherhood, peace and love. I remained in the company of flora and fauna which always surprised me witnessing the wonderful creation of that one entity, whom we call Ishwar, Allaha, or the God.

In Delhi, I was exposed to kavi sammelans/ mushairas( both poetic meets) held at various places and sufi singing by Qawwaals at Darghah Nizammudin Aullia. This exposure to varied thoughts  of different personalities and cultural ethos  remained  ingrained in my conscience. I started writing few poetic verses and then mixing them with simple one-act plays, also written by myself. At the age of 13, I got my first book ‘Nanhe Muno Ke Rupak’ published.

Joining the Indian Air Force in the logistic cadre (1967-2005) meant hibernation of my talent barring few occasions every year when I could showcase my talent and win accolades and prizes. Writing poems and expressing my feelings in verses had always been my hobby, but became my passion after retirement from the  Air Force in 2005.  Two anthologies of my hindi poems titled as ‘Sab Rang’  and ‘Mann Ki Tarang’ were published in the years 2010 and 2012 respectively. ‘Children of Lost Gods’ is my debut book in English poetry.
This poetry book ' Children of Lost Gods' is published by and available online with        ( in India)  and    (for USA/Canada.
The book has been hailed and reviewed by both Indian and International poets. Quote :-

The volume Children Of Lost Gods keeps the magazine touch of the poems of multiple themes concerning human life the poems of senses, of tenderness, of love and beauty , and especially of humanitarian impulse. The volume is studded with a variety of touches like the strong pulse of society with its evils affecting the precious lives of individuals, the romance as an essential bonding of the souls, and the dominating political effects as well. Instead of occupying a single label, Mr. Kaul is simultaneously the poet of society, of nature, and the poet of sense and sensibility. This is almost the fact that lends him a touch of a modern poet whose soul directly takes upon itself all the effects that affect, stir and strengthen him and his pen pours out all what his soul receives.

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